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Erik Bruun Olesen
Dansk Naturvidenskabsformidling

Science on Stage Denmark

Science on Stage Denmark is part of the ‘Danish Science Factory’ which is anchored in Astra, the national Centre for Learning in Science, Technology and Health in Denmark. 

The contribution of Astra to society is to strengthen and develop science learning. The vision is that all children and young people achieve science skills that will enable them to express themselves as creative and critical citizens. As the national centre, Astra assumes responsibility for developing a cohesive science education across Denmark. Through the development and dissemination of knowledge, collaboration, and coordination, it creates measurable value to all who teach science or otherwise share the vision of a new generation of young people with strong science skills in Denmark. Amongst others, Astra is engaged in the organisation of the Danish Science Week, the Big Bang Conference and Young Scientists.

Danish Science Factory has an extensive international network among universities, research councils, organisations and foundations. Information about large events like ‘Danish Science Week’, ‘Young Scientists’ and development projects such as ‘ISI 2015’ and ‘Green Generation’ can also be found on Danish Science Factory’s webpage.

Danish Science Factory was the organiser of the Science on Stage festival 2011 in Ørestad, Copenhagen. The festival-film can be watched here:


Application for the Science on Stage festival 2017

Science on Stage Denmark invited STEM teachers from all over the country to apply for the European Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary. Teachers with enthralling STEM-teaching ideas were called to hand in their project in a written application. The application process is now closed.

For further information about the event, please contact the Danish NSC Erik Bruun Olesen.

BIG BANG conference 2015