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Science on Stage Belgium

Science on Stage Belgium is a non-profit organisation which addresses itself to middle and high school STEM teachers in both the French and Dutch speaking regions of Belgium. The initiative offers them a platform to exchange with colleagues from all over Belgium and Europe.

The focus of Science on Stage Belgium’s work lies on provoking experiments in all natural sciences, the international dimension and the participation of teachers from all regions of Belgium and Europe. The activities enhance the competence of teachers from all levels offering new ideas and pedagogical material for a better efficient practical work based on more structures and regular basis.

Each year Science on Stage Belgium organises a national festival ‘Playful Science’ where teachers can present good practice in science teaching. Selected projects from throughout Europe are presented by their developers in a live show and in the ‘fair of experiments’. In the fair, projects from Belgium and Europe are presented by teachers at over 30 stands. The programme is rounded off by a quiz and a final show. Each year about 200 teachers participate in the event.

Furthermore Science on Stage Belgium organises workshops and study days during the school year.

Playful Science 2017, Brussels

On 21 October 2017 Science on Stage Belgium organises its annual experiment festival ‘Playful Science’ at the Maison de l’Automobile in Brussels.

The festival aims for science teachers from the Dutch, the French as well as from the German part of the country.

During the event some interesting experiments will be shown and explained on stage. Also a quiz will be organised: the beginning of some experiments (in biology, chemistry, physics and maths) will be presented and the participants will have to predict the result. The participants will have furthermore the opportunity to visit the experimental fair, during their walking lunch.

Teachers from the Belgian delegation of the European Science on Stage festival 2017 will introduce you to the discoveries they made in Debrecen. Also invited are teachers from the European festival who attracted us with interesting projects.

At the end of the day, each participant receives a kit with material to perform experiments in his or her classroom. Experiments will be presented on stage and during the fair.

Find further information about 'Playful Science' on the website of Science on Stage Belgium and register for the event via this link

Application for the Science on Stage festival 2017