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Picnic with Science on Stage Poland - 18. Science Picnic in Warsaw

If someone of you would like to have fun, adventure and sciences at the same time – you should have appeared one week ago on 18th Science Picnic in Warsaw organized by Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre.

On the 31st of May this year crowds of visitors came to The National Stadium in Warsaw to get the feeling of what is science. Picnic visitors got a chance to watch over 1,000 shows on over 200 stands. They could see e.g. world’s fastest vehicle or learn how to quickly detect blood on crime scene. In this Europe–largest outdoor scientific event participated over 150 polish and foreign institutions. Among numerous stands of universities, students societies as well as scientific and cultural institutions there was also present Science on Stage Poland Team.

Science on Stage Poland Team appeared under the patronage of Physics Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (UAM) and was led by Prof. Wojciech Nawrocik and Dr Krzysztof G?bura and was represented by teachers – delegates to Polish and foreign SonS Festivals.

(From left: D. Jesiak, E.Dzikowska, H. Moczko, K. Paprzycki, K. G?bura, J. Bartol – Baszczy?ska)

The leading topic of this year Picnic was widely understood time. In line with that on the SonS/UAM stand visitors could check their speed of reaction and find out if they potentially could be the pilots of F-16 airplanes – experiment prepared by Kazimierz Paprzycki was getting a lot of interest. Especially attractive for whole families were numerous colorful experiments under motto „Colorful chemistry and physics not only for kids”.

Our colleague Danuta Jesiak presented to kids how to paint own T-Shirt using chemical reactions. Among experiments prepared by Hanna Moczko and Edyta Dzikowska there were levitating balloons and based on that understand Bernoulli’s Law (see picture).

Colorful non – mixing liquids were also very interesting and attracted lots of visitors to our stand. Another colleague Justyna Bartol – Baszczy?ska invited kids to common experimenting, where they could on their own create and take home post cards painted with centrifugal force. A lot of fun has the whole Team as well as visitors while checking how many kids can be placed on 30 air – balloons.

Large interest mostly within students and future teachers received the idea of Science on Stage as the European platform for science teachers.
All interested were also invited to visit Poznan during 6th Festival Sciences on Stage, which will be held between 19th and 20th of September 2014 on Physics Department of Adam Mickiewicz University.

We hope that our visitors will keep in mind for a long time our interesting and colorful stand.

Edyta Dzikowska
Science on Stage Poland

Welcome Science on Stage Turkey!

Sometimes it goes stroke upon stroke: Science on Stage Turkey has joined as the 25th member country of Science on Stage Europe shortly after Switzerland. We look forward to inspiring ideas, new teaching concepts and the overall exchange with science teachers from Turkey.

Science on Stage Turkey will be announced for the first time at the second International Children Summit on Hands on Science and Environmental Education from 12-17 May 2014 in Bursa. 

Find further information on


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Try this at home: Chemistry experiments with household products

Marc Montangero from Science on Stage Switzerland has a website full of experiment videos for chemistry teaching. He shows simple experiments with household products and explains the chemistry behind them.

The content is in French, but we think that science videos have no language borders! Check it out at


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iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching: Second meeting in Berlin

The second workshop to develop the upcoming Science on Stage Germany brochure called iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching took place from 3-5 May at SAP in Berlin. Twenty teachers from 14 countries develop teaching materials for European colleagues how smartphones and apps can be integrated in science teaching.

© Jean-Luc Richter

Find pictures of the iStage 2 meeting in Berlin on facebook!

Amongst the projects are units about the measurements of height, magnetic fields, measurements of parallaxis, location of songbirds or acceleration on rollercoasters by using a smartphone.

At the meeting the teachers got together in project groups to finalise the teaching units and texts for the brochure. All participants have been testing their teaching ideas with students during the last months and composed instructions how to successfully implement the smartphone projects in class.

Science on Stage Germany will publish the materials in a brochure in German and English and as an iBook in December 2014. The project is proudly supported by SAP.

Find further information on Science on Stage Germany's website.


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