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Jelgava: Latvian students show their researchers’ skills

The Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competence development Centre (ZRKAC) in Jelgava is also home to Science on Stage Latvia. Recently it hosted 'researchers' from all city schools at the environmentalists' forum 'Students Experiment'. Students from 1-9 grade presented their independent studies where they used science to explore nature phenomena, environmental and health issues thus raising their awareness for the ecosystem, energy resources, biodiversity and related topics.

The younger students had chosen to study, for example, the influence of cooking salt and soda on the duration of fruit storage, and they had tried to grow salt crystals at home or made a barometer. The themes in grades 6-9 were related to plants: they studied the process of tomato germination in different soils, the amount of ethylene in fruits and its effect on ripening. The topics related to green thinking and a healthy lifestyle were also addressed - the students offered solutions for the production of souvenirs and decorations from burnt bulbs.

The forum is organized annually and aims to raise pupils' awareness of the environment and its problems, teach respect for nature and promote interest in the study of natural processes and inquiry based learning and the development of research skills. It is also a possibility for teachers to exchange their ideas and see how the teacher’s ideas and teaching approach has been transformed into students’ research projects.


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