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Take a workshop to your country

Each Science on Stage country organises a workshop or teacher training for science teachers in their country. Like this, STEM teachers in Europe have the chance to get to know best-practice concepts and teaching ideas from the international Science on Stage festivals. 

The current workshops are a follow-up activity of the past Science on Stage festivals. At each workshop two festival projects are presented - one from the home country and another from one of the other Science on Stage countries.

Cyprus, 16-18 March 2018

Italy, 6-7 April 2017

Switzerland, 18 March 2017

Sweden, 11 October 2016

United Kingdom, 23-24 June 2016

Switzerland, 8 June 2016

France, 19 May 2016

Turkey, 7 May 2016

Czech Republic, 27 October 2015

Italy, 19 October 2015

Italy, 11-12 September 2015

Past workshops