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#SonS2017 festival projects spread throughout Latvia

The Latvian teacher delegates of the European Science on Stage festival 2017 actively used the ideas taken from event and implemented them in their daily work, shared them with colleagues and got involved in various further activities. Skaidrite Bukbarde, NSC of Science on Stage Latvia reports:

'On 29 September 2017 the Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competence Development centre in Jelgava organized a Researchers' Night.  The most active and creative teachers from secondary schools and senior class students were among the presenters, but pre-school children, junior class pupils and their parents were the main participants of the event. The teachers Sanita Sabanska and Baiba Dage, teachers of the Latvian Science on Stage delegation at  the European Science on Stage festival in Debrecen, Hungary, carried out  practical workshops - fascinating activities to make science experiments a vivid and colourful experience.

The children and their parents were offered a versatile and up-to-date activity program – making robots, familiarization with the work of 3D printer, making toothpaste from natural materials, drawing on water, big soap bubbles, observing the Moon with telescopes, investigating the work of periscope, pressure, and equilibration and other activities.  

The organisers experienced tremendous activities and interest from groups of different ages: small kids and their grandparents, teachers with their classes and families. During the first hour more than 200 children participated in the experiments, demonstrations and workshops. Find more information here as well as on Youtube.

The two teachers from Marupe Elementary school Daiga Krievi?a and Mara Rabante who also were among the festival delegates 2017 and who had an on stage presentation in Debrecen also organised a Researchers Night at their school: 

132 children and young people from grades 5-9 took part in the Researcher’s Night at Marupe Elementary School. There were 21 stations arranged with a wide variety of experiments: showing how human muscles and lungs work, measuring breathing capacity, getting acquainted with the world of sounds, making robot arms out of ordinary straws and wires, with which you can carry glasses, fire experimental stations, magic miracles of rapid freezing that were made of liquid nitrogen, an opportunity to get acquainted with the dry ice bubble world, scientific games based on the laws of physics. In the end there was the pupils' own fireworks of smoke-fire rockets made from sugar and vegetable fertilizers - a special surprise for young chemists!

We appreciate the support received from Alfa Robot School and Ltd Knauf.' Watch the report on Youtube

Finland and Germany: Students from Wesel examining the Baltic Sea in Finnish SummerSchool

In 2015 Helena van Suomela from Finland and Christian Karus from Germany met at the European Science on Stage festival in London. Some time passed, things had to be organised but finally ten German students took part in the Finnish project SummerSchool ‘Baltic Sea’. On Seili, an island near the city Turku, they examined the marine ecosystem of the Baltic Sea together with seven students from Finland. Now a students exchange is planned for the next year: The Finnish SummerSchool will then take place in Wesel with special focus on the ecosystem of the Rhine.

Spain and the Netherlands: Joint project awarded with ‘gold’

Fantastic news from Spain: The Science on Stage Joint Project 'Phantoms or Physics' from Nuria Muñoz Molina from Spain and Silvio Rademaker from the Netherlands won gold. The project was presented at the schools science conference in Algeciras, Spain, and won 1st prize in the 16+ category. Nurias students presented the ideas and explained the physics behind with great enthusiasm and clarity. "It's not magic , it's physics you just don't see!" The project will also be presented at the European Science on Stage festival in Debrecen soon - Congratulations to Nuria and Slivio! Learn more about 'Phantoms or Physics' here.

News from Canada: Explo-discory - Families at the farm

On Saturday 27 May, Dr Johanne Patry, chair of Science on Stage Canada organised a special workshop with La Maison de la Famille de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. Following monthly workshops since November, this special event brought together 20 families with children from 8 months to 10 years old. 

The goal of this farm day was to introduce children to food production and farm animals. Different mini-workshops were held which use a scientific inquiry approach. The children produced butter from cream (change of state). They made writing chalk with egg shells (blending). With clay the kids modeled farm animals (anatomy). They put together their own perception of farms and food production with the help of old CD jackets and magazine pictures (projecting knowledge). Plus, they were 'presented' to different farm animals and the milk production system (animal diversity).

Everyone picnicked together with added milk chocolate et cheese, curtasy of Macdonald Farm of McGill University.

Explo-discovery worshops mission is to teach science to children 3 to 8 years old and to their parents. La Maison de la famille is a non-profit organisation which aims at working with families from different sectors, mainly vulnerable and economically problematic.

Well, such a day shows that hands-on science learning starts with the stomach!


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