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Try this at home: Chemistry experiments with household products

Marc Montangero from Science on Stage Switzerland has a website full of experiment videos for chemistry teaching. He shows simple experiments with household products and explains the chemistry behind them.

The content is in French, but we think that science videos have no language borders! Check it out at


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iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching: Second meeting in Berlin

The second workshop to develop the upcoming Science on Stage Germany brochure called iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching took place from 3-5 May at SAP in Berlin. Twenty teachers from 14 countries develop teaching materials for European colleagues how smartphones and apps can be integrated in science teaching.

© Jean-Luc Richter

Find pictures of the iStage 2 meeting in Berlin on facebook!

Amongst the projects are units about the measurements of height, magnetic fields, measurements of parallaxis, location of songbirds or acceleration on rollercoasters by using a smartphone.

At the meeting the teachers got together in project groups to finalise the teaching units and texts for the brochure. All participants have been testing their teaching ideas with students during the last months and composed instructions how to successfully implement the smartphone projects in class.

Science on Stage Germany will publish the materials in a brochure in German and English and as an iBook in December 2014. The project is proudly supported by SAP.

Find further information on Science on Stage Germany's website.


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Welcome Science on Stage Switzerland!

The Science on Stage family has just grown a little more: We welcome Science on Stage Switzerland as our newest member and look forward to the international exchange of teaching concepts and ideas with Swiss science teachers!

As a first step, Science on Stage Switzerland has set up a homepage to inform science teachers of their region about dates and events in their network.

Furthermore the national event to select Swiss teachers for the European Science on Stage festival will be held 15 November 2014. Swiss science teachers can apply for a participation until 31 July 2014.


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Explain chemistry with Berta: Plush Dragon fascinates primary school pupils

Anna Gunnarsson from Sweden and her plush dragon Berta were among 350 science teachers at the Science on Stage festival 2013. "I want to show other teachers how much fun chemistry is for children in kindergarten and primary school and how chemistry can be imparted early on”, she stated before the festival. 

A selection of Gunnarsson's experiments for the youngest can now be found in the current issue of 'Science in School'

With the assistance of Berta the dragon, Gunnarsson takes children aged 4-8 away into a world full of simple, nontoxic and safe experiments. It is utterly important for her that children are not only allowed to watch experiments, but actually do them themselves and capture their observations.

The project shows that even the youngest can really comprehend what osmosis, emulsions and acids are. To be able to show which experiments are best suitable for teaching and how children have most fun to make new discoveries in chemistry, Gunnarsson brought a bag full of examples for her international colleagues to the festival.


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