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iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching: First meeting in Vienna

Apps for rollercoasters, stars and songbirds: The first workshop to the upcoming Science on Stage Germany brochure 'iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching' was held from 19-21 October at SAP in Vienna. From 14 countries, 22 science teachers gathered to define the topics of the publication and to work practically on the first results.

Find pictures of the iStage 2 meeting in Vienna on facebook!

Amongst the projects are great approaches with measurements of height, magnetic fields, measurements of parallaxis, location of songbirds or acceleration on rollercoasters by using a smartphone.

After an introduction into the project iStage 2, the teachers got together for brainstorming and clustering the topics. The coordinators of the project allocated head topics to the teacher's ideas, which apps can be usefully integrated into physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and astronomy classes. Working titles of the teaching units are apps for eyes, ears and hands. In the following days, the teachers specified their teaching projects in group work and presented their ideas afterwards.

The teachers will script their ideas and field-test them until March 2014. The publication "iStage 2" then will be out in December 2014.


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Student’s Excuses pt. 1

How often have you rejected silly student's excuses? What about this one: "I couldn't do my homework because my duck fell asleep on my calculator..." As it seems, this one was true!


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