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‘20,000 Leagues under the sea’ gets Honorable Mention at Open Science of Cambre

From 15-16 September 2018 Spanish-Portuguese teacher team Palma Garcia Hormigo, Ana Villaescusa and Liliana Fernandez from Portugal participated in the contest 'Open Science of Cambre' (A Coruña, Spain). On site they presented their #SonS2017 follow-up joint project '20,000 Leagues under the sea'. The focus of the project is on children of pre primary and primary school and introduces them to scientific knowledge with simple STEM experiments (chemistry, physics, biology or robotics). Another aim of the project is to encourage the children to a develop a consciousness on how important it is to conserve the marine environment, to work together as a team and to pay respect on the opinion of others. The voyage of the Nautilus, the submarine created by Jules Verne for his novel, is the guiding thread of this project. A jury of experts selected the project among the winners of this contest. 

Picture © Palma Garcia Hormigo

At their stand the Spanish-Portuguese team moved the sea to the fair and hundreds of visitors explored how a periscope works, invesitgated the morphology of fish through the Japanese technique of Gyotaku, manufactured slime, learned about the marine trophic chains or about the different species that populate the Oceans through which the Nautilus sailed.

Palma Garcia Hormigo, Ana Villaescusa and Liliana Fernandez were very pleased that their work was highlighted among the more than 70 exhibitors who attended the fair, which was organised by Professor Jose Viñas de Cambre and his Xentde100cia Club team.

Open Science has been catalogued as an event of scientific interest at a European level on the Scientix platform.

Open Night with Science on Stage Sweden in Stockholm

On 6 September 2018 Science on Stage Sweden organised an ‘Open Night’ at Anna Whitlocks Gymnasium in Stockholm to introduce interested STEM teachers to the Swedish network, its aims and activities.

Experienced Swedish teachers presented their most innovative science teaching projects in a fair and a mathematical genius gave an ‘on stage’ presentation that astounded the audience.

With Heidrun Boll, a primary school teacher from Bad Saulgau and Christoph Bauer, a secondary school teacher from Würzburg also two German educators were invited to join the event and present their Science on Stage festival projects to their Swedish colleagues in a workshop.

All pictures © Science on Stage Sweden


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Latvian Science on Stage festival 2018

On 8 September the Latvian Science on Stage festival 2018 took place in Jelgava. Skaidrīte Bukbārde, Main NSC of Science on Stage Latvia reports:

"The national Science on Stage festival 2018 in Latvia took place on 8 September 2018 in Jelgava. It was organized within the Metal festival, an event that exists for already eight years and shares the same aims as Science on Stage, that is: to highlight the importance of science and technology in schools and among the public, to raise children’s and young people’s interest in engineering, science and research. The festival was supported by Jelgava City municipality and National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia.

The national steering committee received 11 applications from all over the country, representing different subjects and levels. Eight most innovative teaching ideas were presented by 13 teachers and their students during the festival. As the festival was an open event the ideas were presented to a very wide public.

Picture © Science on Stage Latvia

The jury was represented by Agra Bērziņa-the director of non-formal education department at National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia, Baiba Daģe - teacher of physics at Jelgava State Gymnasium, Ingvilda Ivanova- science teacher at Jelgava Primary school No 4, Reinis Rukmanis- IT teacher from Tukuma evening and part-time high school, Daiga Krieviņa and Māra Mikelsone techers from Marupe Elementary School, Science on stage - 2016 national winners and participants of the European Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary. Their  main task of the jury was to select the most innovative ideas to be presented at European Science on Stage festival 2019 in Portugal.

The jury admitted that all the presentations were really interesting, involving the students in an active learning process and explaining rather complicated science phenomena in an amusing, exciting way. We really hope the event proved that technical subjects are neither complicated nor boring.

At the Latvia Science on Stage festival the national STEM teacher delegation was chosen. Those teachers will represent the country at the European Science on Stage festival 2019 in Portugal:

1 st prize- Inese Pickaine un Iveta Labunska (Skrunda Secondary school)
2 nd prize- Zintis Buls (Zemgales region human resource and comptences development centre)
3 rd prize - Liene Sabule un Liene Krieviņa (Jelgava State gymnasium)

The teachers participating in the Latvian Science on Stage festival had a possibility to show their innovative teaching ideas also at the regional invention and innovation exhibition 'MINOX Zemgale -2018' that is organized to promote the inventors’ activity in Latvia, as well as to promote the introduction of inventions into real life.

The teachers  Ērika Siliņa un Inese Kukaine from Cesis Secondary school were awarded with Silver diploma for their creative ideas how to use inexpensive or reused materials to create interesting equipment to demonstrate variuos phenomena."

Gamification in the classroom: A Danish-Irish teacher exchange

From 7-8 June 2018 Declan Cathcart from Temple Carrig School, Ireland, visited his colleague Line Nygård Mikkelsen in Baunehøjskolen, Denmark. Both teachers met at the European Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary, as delegates of Science on Stage Ireland and Science on Stage Denmark and decided to do a teacher exchange supported by Science on Stage.

At Line's school Declan was introduced to the Danish school system and of course also to Line's students who were excited to meet an English speaking science teacher. Line and Declan developed a new project together about gamifaction in biology teaching. Line's students tried out funny sounding activities such as 'Hunting Jelly Beans', 'The Survival Game', 'A Game of Mutants' or 'My Cousin is a Fruit Fly', covering various topics like predator-prey systems, environmental effects on populations, the resistance of bacterial cells to antibiotics or the determination of DNA. The students had a good time and Line and Declan want to go on with their project and do a further teacher exchange - this time with Line visiting Declan in Ireland.

'What a great trip!  Many thanks to my host Line, her colleagues and her students in Baunehøjskolen for the warm welcome they gave me.  It was fascinating to experience to work in a Danish school, and I hope to be able to welcome Line to Ireland in the Autumn to continue our adventures in teaching evolution.' Quote: Declan Cathcart   

Picture © Declan Cathcart /  Line Nygård Mikkelsen 

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