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Europe Code Week: Coding with FUN! in Ireland

We received a wonderful report from Jane Shimizu, Scoil Chaitríona Junior, Renmore, Galway, Ireland about their EU Code Week activity:

"We at Scoil Chaitríona Junior, Renmore, Galway, IRELAND had a wonderful time during EU Code Week 2018. Our school is an urban school, with disadvantage status. Our students are all aged between 4 and 8 years old.

Overall during EU Code Week 93 students (5 second classes), 5 teachers, 1 student teacher, 2 special needs assistants and 4 SAP volunteers were involved in our coding activities. For an hour each day classes took part in a coding workshop. The students were introduced to coding at an introductory level.

For our coding we used Scratch, Bee Bots, LEGO WeDO 2.0, Wonder Dots, iPads and programmes from The Hour of Code (Angry birds, Kodable, Moana and Candy Quest). All these sessions are written up  on our school website so that parents and the wider community can see what has been learned. Most of the workshops occurred in classroom 9, with visits from other classes, and the SAP Scratch workshop took place over the course of a day with all of the children in each of the five second classes. The main subjects covered in the coding workshops were Mathematics (positional language, directional language, addition, direction, angles, shapes), and also science, oral language, drama and physical education.

The emphasis on each workshop was on FUN!,on coding and on how to continue with simple coding at home.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Science on Stage, to SAP and their volunteers and to Galway Education Centre for their help in bringing coding to a new generation of appreciative students.

Many thanks

Jane and all at Scoil Chaitríona Junior"

Report and pictures © Jane Shimizu


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Turkish Science on Stage festival 2018

On 30 September 2018 the 3rd Turkish Science on Stage festival was held at Ministry of Education Şura Festival Hall in Ankara.

The schools, science and arts centers and the teachers who participated in the festival exhibited their projects at a fair. Throughout the day, many colorful workshops, science shows, science games and science competitions followed each other. There were also many groups of visitors not only from Ankara but also from different Turkish cities. 

Prof Dr Safure Bulut from Middle East Technical University and her colleague Dr Ayşe Yolcu from Hacettepe University conducted a workshop titled 'Touching Mathematics'. Prof Dr Alev Doğan from Gazi University and research assistant İlknur Çiftçi conducted a science show titled 'The Chemistry of Colours' on the stage. There were two workshops on roboting, coding and Arduino one of which was for the teachers in the morning and the other was for students in the afternoon. The coding workshop realised for the students in the afternoon attracted great attention by the students. Similarly, two drama and leadership workshops on stage with the title 'Magic Tower' attracted high interest of the students.  

The Director of STEM and Maker Reaearch Center, Mr Sun Xiaokui and his two assistans from China, Reto and Felix Speerli from Switzerland and the International Projects Manager from LUMA StarT from Finland were our invited educators. They realised presentations and science shows on stage. We already have future collaboration projects between Turkey, China, Switzerland and Finland. 

The five delegation teachers, who will represent Turkey in Portugal at the 2019 Science on Stage Europe Festival, have been determined by our jury, consisting of faculty members. They are: Sinem ÖZTAN, Nazlıcan TOP, Taylan Özgür ORAL, Semih ESENDEMİR and Simge SOHTORİK.  We wish them success!

Our jury members were; METU Faculty Member Prof Dr Safure Bulut, Gazi University Faculty Member Prof Dr Fitnat Köseoğlu, Gazi University Faculty Member Prof Dr Alev Doğan, Hacettepe University Faculty Member Assoc. Prof Dr Meral Hakverdi Can, Hacettepe University Research Assistant Dr Ayşe Yolcu, METU Research Assistant Müşerref Büşra Yağlı, METU Research Assistant Dr Ümmügülsüm Cansu Kurt, METU Research Assistant Işıl İşler Baykal, Uşak University Research Assistant Dr Seval Koçak, Gazi University Research Assistant İlknur Tiftikçi, Founding Director of Doku Schools Cemil Karagöz, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Principal Nazan Şener and Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Vice Principal Ceyda Gök. We would like to thank them for their precious contribution.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this beautiful day of science. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my dear teacher friends who have made magnificient contribution by working in these projects  for years while spending extra time and efforts in preparing these beautiful activities for teachers and students in addition to intensive curriculums work in their schools. I am most honored to walk through this beautiful road together with them.

Report and pictures © Nilgün ERENTAY


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European STEM League: A follow-up project from Spain

Last year Miguel Angel Queiruga Dios and Noelia Velasco Pérez from Burgos, Spain, took part in the European STEM League. They implemented experiments about 'Football in Science Teaching' with their classes and document the results in a creative way. Based on this they developed a publication giving an insight on their activities. The material was published in English and Spanish and focuses on 'Building physics through football'. 

>> Download Fisica y Futbol (Spanish)
>> Download Physics and Soccer (English)

Picture © Miguel Angel Queiruga Dios

Lately Miguel and Noelia presented their project and publication at the Spanish Science on Stage festival 'Ciencia en Acción' (see blog report, 12 October 2018). They also presented their materials at the Physics Teaching Day in Burgos which was organised by the Spanish Royal Society of Physics.

Europe Code Week: Coding with Arduino and MBlock in Italy

On 11 October 2018 Michele Tognini from Italy organised a coding event at his school in Avenza Carrara. A group of students learned how to use Arduino modules to create light games. They worked with the software MBLOCK and some components, such as led and wires of different colours. With MBLOCK they also wrote some simple programs to move Mbot robots and to switch their led lights on. Michele Tognini was supported by his colleagues Roberto Biasci, Fusani Sara and Federico Galeazzi.

Pictures © Michele Tognini

This Coding event was organised within the Europe Code Week 2018 and funded by Science on Stage Europe. The Code Week activity grant by Science on Stage was kindly supported by MAECENATA foundation and SAP SE.


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