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Latvia: Researcher’s night in Jelgava

Lately the Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre participated in the Europe-wide initiative 'Researcher’s night'. This event is dedicated to popular science learning and boosts public awareness of the positive role of research in society, especially among young people as it attracts them to science and engineering. The target audience of this event as stated by the organizers are families with pre- school children and junior form students.

Picture © Science on Stage Latvia

The participants were offered more than 20 workshops on various themes: the power of magnets, how to teach a robot to speak and to draw, to observe the balance, various experiments with colours, how a vulcano works, how to make static electricity, making a simple barometer to observe weather, etc.

The event was organised in cooperation with the National Steering Committee of Science on Stage Latvia and Jelgava schools. More than 300 children with families attended the event.

Jelgava Technology High schools offered two workshops and the vice director of the school Kaspars Antonevics admitted:

“The children at the same time are learning programming, robotics, mathematics and the Latvian language. When playing with robots, they figure out schemes themselves, figure out relevant codes for these schemes”.

The mother of one of the participants  told:

“Today we realized that our daughter actually likes and manages programming. In a few minutes she figured out and found three ways to do the task - how to get with the car in the scheme to the first letter of her name”.

The kids had a possibility to use 3-D pens, to experiment with everyday products: for example they tested that apples contain iron and they found out what our fingerprints can tell if you look at them through a magnifying glass and microscope. 

It was also a new experience for senior class students who demonstrated experiments and led workshops. The participants of the Latvian Science on Stage festival shared their experience on innovative teaching methods how to make science teaching exciting, attractive, and amusing.

Report by Skaidrite Bukbarde


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