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EU Code Week: A whole school in action

EU Code Week 2019 is in full swing! Last year, Science on Stage offered funds for STEM teachers to take part in the EU Code Week 2018.

Here, we would like to present the results. This funding programm was kindly supported by the MAECENATA Foundation and SAP SE.


During the EU Code Week 2018, a Computer Science High School in Romania motivated its students to code. Here is their report:

Organizing the Code Week was a real challenge, even for us - a Computer Science High School. How could we find something more interesting than the usual coding? Trying to improve the way students feel about programming, we added Physics and Technology in our project. It’s important for students to see that programming has a use in real life.
Based on their age, we assigned students different tasks.
The younger ones were very excited to make a game in Scratch, entitled “Catch a star”. Their job was to create a cosmic space with many stars and then try to catch them all, in order to obtain a maximum score.

The students from the ninth grade made their first small projects using the Arduino platform. They were taught by 6 of their older colleagues, from the tenth and eleventh grades. They learnt about digital and analog signals, about microprocessors and about different kinds of sensors. Also, they learnt how to turn some LEDs on or off. The students were very surprised by the multitude of projects they could accomplish and implement, such as: thermometers, barometers, gas measurements, etc.

We believe this kind of projects are very important for students: they learn how to use the knowledge from many subjects and work in teams in order to create a small software/device.

Report and picture by Mihaela Giurgea, Tiberiu Popoviciu High School in Cluj Napoca, Romania


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