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EU Code Week: Coding for responsible Citizenship

EU Code Week 2019 is in full swing! Last year, Science on Stage offered funds for STEM teachers to take part in the EU Code Week 2018.

Here, we would like to present the results. This funding programm was kindly supported by the MAECENATA Foundation and SAP SE.

Coding for responsible Citizenship

 30 students – mainly girls - participated in the workshop, most of them were 14 years old while the others- 16 years old - acted as tutors in a peer to peer approach.

The workshop actually represented the kick off of our school (IIS Cavazzi, Pavullo IT) Citizen Science Project.
In recent years our rural mountain area suffered from
a) air pollution and
b) repeated draughts and occasional but equally disruptive violent showers causing landslides.

As climate models predict that high temperatures and desertification will hit hard the Mediterranean area, we want to start with our pupils and share with our local community a “citizenscience-coding” project based on Arduino UNO with the following goals
1) since data well show the total quantity of rain HAS NOT changed over the years but its distribution HAS, therefore monitoring precipitations and innovative use of water from collection to distribution is an important task for communities.
2) test soil humidity and evaporation rates of different types of soil in our area and the effect of mixing superabsorbent polymers (solid rain) to agricultural soil. Students will build and code sensing devices together with a small robot detecting soil humidity through a light sensor.
3) test air quality both indoor (starting from school and public areas).

Students were trained in the use of Arduino and of the following sensors for environmental monitoring: LDR (measuring reflectance), soil humidity and soil ph sensors (monitoring of soil desertification and hydrogeological disrupture due to excessive rain), water turbidity and water ph sensors (water quality) and dust and VOC sensors (air quality).

Students responsible for air quality were also instructed in the use of hackAir and luftdaten platform.

As a follow up the students decided to present the project to the local community either at school or in the municipality hall. Interested people will be offered to host sensors to contribute to community air monitoring.

Report by Lisotti Annamaria, IIS Cavazzi, Physics Lab-Pavullo - Italy


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