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EU Code Week: Microbit4all

EU Code Week 2019 is in full swing! Last year, Science on Stage offered funds for STEM teachers to take part in the EU Code Week 2018.

Here, we would like to present the results. This funding programme was kindly supported by the MAECENATA Foundation and SAP SE.


Under the title Microbit4all we launched a workshop for six 2nd grade class pupils (14 yr) at our school. For most of the pupils this was the first time they came in contact with coding. Even one of the teachers did not code before but had enough confidence in the support to give the workshop. With the support of a technical assistant and with teaching materials developed by one of our teachers and additional materials from: everyone was able to write their first code and experience the possibilities of writing your own code.

What started as a highly structured lesson with lesson plans evolved quickly in a pupils directed adventure. This meant that pupils developed ideas and tried to figure out how to realize these using code. Some of the pupils discovered the possibility to code music, others started to code a small game. Mobile phones were frequently used to film the output on the micro:bit and shared on social media. An often heard statement was whether any other lessons were planned where the micro:bit would be used and how expensive the micro:bit was, and where to buy theme.

Where we allowed the more confident students to explore the possibilities of the micro:bit themselves, the quick start cards supported the less confident students. These cards indicate the task, show the code which has to be used but also stimulates creativity using additional tasks. With more than 10 different quick start cards, we had enough material to support even the quickest students.

Due to the success of these workshop, we will use the micro:bit in lessons in physics lessons in which electricity and electronics are the central themes. We’ve also introduced an extracurricular activity in which pupils can further develop their understanding of coding.

Report and picture by Freek Pols, ISW's-Gravenzande, Netherlands


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