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Science on Stage Serbia organized their workshop

On Friday, January 17, ICE’s Center for Professional Development and Science on Stage Serbia organized the first in a series of STEM workshops about the important topic "waste". The speaker was Ivan Anić, professor at the Information Technology School and an ICE member and associate. 

The tasks presented at the workshop showed the numerous teachers in attendance how to connect STEM subjects in an interesting fashion and implement problem-solving teaching. The teachers  took the roles of students and tried to use STEM to solve waste-related problems.The research tasks required the teachers to actively use digital tools and apps, critically assess their resources, and apply skills from all STEM areas. After the workshop, the speaker performed an evaluation with his colleagues and showed them how they can do this using the Mentimeter IT tool. 

After the first workshop, ICE will organize STEM workshops each month with interesting topics and problem-solving tasks. The colleagues who display the highest level of enthusiasm will have the opportunity to become official Science on Stage ambassadors, and participate in Brainfinity – Collaborative Problem Solving Challenge, an ICE-organized competition for all primary school students in Serbia attending years 5 through 8, who wish to test their creative problem-solving skills and win valuable prizes. The teachers who reach the finals with their team will also win a prize – a free one-year membership at the Institute for Contemporary Education.

Find more information on this event here


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