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#SonS2019: Follow up event in the Ukraine

Just after the participation at the Science on Stage festival 2019,  Science on Stage Ukraine wanted to distribute the projects they had seen at the festival in their country, specifically to special-need schools. That’s why the Ukraine delegates started an "Educational Marathon". On 3 December 2019 they organised workshops at the Korolenko school for the blind in Kharkov, Ukraine.

The delgates realised and demonstrated impressive teaching projects for students with special needs and covered a wide range of subjects. 

Teaching maths using candies, funny physics hands-on experiments and impressive demonstrations with everyday household objects: These projects were presented to 56 teachers and their students. The main goal was to show that STEM can be teached to everyone. You just need the right way to do so. The participants were very content with the workshops. 

We also would like to share a wonderful video about the event. Watch it here

Written by Nataliya Kazachkova, Science on Stage Ukraine


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