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The digital events of our member countries

Corona has fundamentally changed everyday life for all of us. But the volunteers in our member countries are still active and organise their events - just online.   


Despite the obstacles Covid-19 imposes to us, Science on Stage Belgium does not remain inactive.

Indeed, the festival Playful Science 14 will take place in a virtual way on 24 October 2020. About twenty biology,chemistry and physics projcts will be presented.  At the end of the presentations, the participants can ask their question in a chat.

You can register under following links. The deadline is the 18 October. 

In French:

In Dutch:


The Spanish festival will take place from 2-4 October 2020. At this event, the Spanish delegation for the European Science on Stage festival 2022 will be chosen.  We will keep you updated. You can participate through their YouTube channel


Science on Stage is a unique event. It brings together teachers from across Europe sharing teaching ideas and projects that delegates have been involved in. The UK has a number of delegate places and teachers from across the UK can submit a project idea - primary or secondary. Successful projects will then be invited to join the delegation to go to Prague in 2022.

This online event will bring together successful delegates from past festivals to share their experiences, good teaching ideas they saw at past festivals, and some of the teaching ideas they themselves shared with teachers from across Europe.

You can register for this event here



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