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For Science on Stage Serbia the most important STEAM skill is problem solving

On Thursday, 22 October, Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute for Contemporary Education organized online lectures titled “Examples of the Best STEAM Teaching Practices in Serbia”. The lectures especially focused on understanding problem solving as the most important skill of today and beyond. The SonS webinar was attended by a record of 1100+ teachers from Serbia and the region. In addition, the SonS webinar included the lecture “Application of 3D Holograms in Teaching – Practical Examples of Using Holograms in Science Teaching in Elementary Schools”, which illustrated the implementation of technology in STEAM.

What is problem solving?

Problem solving refers to solving specific real-life problems whereby individuals or groups use previous knowledge together with other skills to solve a new, unknown situation. Interdisciplinary linking of natural sciences and problem solving enhances 21st-century skills and provides people with knowledge that leads towards innovation.

Problem solving is a combination of theory and practice that almost by definition yields multiple solutions. It comprises several steps: understanding a problem, researching and collecting information, creating a strategy and brainstorming, choosing the best solution, executing an action plan and reviewing the results.

Through problem solving, the SonS webinar connected STEAM skills and teachers throughout Serbia and the region. 

The Brainfinity Global Problem Solving Concept, launched by Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute, presented problem solving to children, parents and educators in Europe. The next big step is the Brainfinity problem solving week (7–13 December, 2020), when the practical use of problem solving in different areas will be discussed in workshops for students, teachers, parents, companies and schools.


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