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A year full of Science on Stage

The last 15 months have been an exciting time for Emmanuel Thibault, physics teacher from Lycée Jacques de Vaucanson in Tours, France.

It all started with a solar balloon, a project that he developed with his students. The special thing about it was that they found a way how to steer the movement of the solar balloon. This idea brought him from the French national event to the Science on Stage festival 2013 in S?ubice – Frankfurt (Oder).

For Science on Stage Germany Thibault’s idea was so fascinating that they invited him to hold a teacher training in Berlin to show it to German teachers in March 2014.

Besides this, Emmanuel participated in Vienna and Berlin as part of the working group of iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching, where he develops teaching materials for the use of apps and smartphones together with 21 international like-minded teachers.

In June 2014 he travelled to Israel – again with a connection to Science on Stage: As an award winner at the Science on Stage festival with the solar balloon project, intel invited him to take part at the International Education Conference 2014 in Jerusalem.

Right after Jerusalem Thibault flew to Québec, Canada, to attend the Canadian Science on Stage national event: “It was a great moment of sharing and conviviality! I was able to exchange with extraordinary people and I was able to notice that Canada was ahead of schedule on Europe regarding pedagogy”, he stated afterwards.

Merci beaucoup, Emmanuel for your dedicated work for the Science on Stage community!


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