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Science on Stage workshops in Georgia

Lately Science on Stage Georgia organised three workshops on 'Teaching Inquiry with Mysteries Incorporated' for Georgian science teachers together with the senior lecturer Dr. Peter Childs from the University of Limerick, Ireland. The two workshops with 50 teachers participating were conducted in Tbilisi, at SALiS Center of Ilia State University, and one workshop was done in Telavi with 30 science teachers. As you can tell by the statements of the participants the workshops were a big success: 'I got a lot of new ideas after this workshop. I’ll implement them in my practice' stated one teacher and another: 'I liked the workshop very much. These materials and approach used on the workshop give me the possibility to plan and conduct innovative lessons.'

Nino Saakashvili and Tamar Doborjginidze, who were part of the Georgian Science on Stage teacher delegation in Debrecen, are going to conduct a further workshop on 11 November 2017. They will share the experiences they got during the #SonS2017 festival in Hungary.