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STEM is a roller coaster

Curve sketching, acceleration or free fall: Amusement parks are a wonderland to think about science teaching concepts. At the Italian Mirabilandia amusement park in Ravenna, science teachers recently came together not only to ride roller coasters, but to discuss their new ideas for STEM education (“Nuove Idee per l'Insegnamento scientifico"). Among them were several Science on Stage teachers.


Giovanni Pezzi, participant of the Science on Stage festival 2013, presented his ideas of how to do video analysis of the dynamics of roller coasters using the computer program Tracker to the teachers at the conference.

Find Lorenza Resta and Giovanni Pezzi's Science on Stage festival 2013 project here: Matebilandia - Experiencing Mathematical Modelling in an Amusement Park 

Lorenza Resta, who also participated in the last festival, presented her ideas about how teachers can measure acceleration and velocity by using smartphones on amusement park attractions. Lorenza will publish these teaching ideas in the upcoming Science on Stage Germany brochure iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching, which will be launched in December with the support of SAP.

As coordinator of the project, Jean-Luc Richter introduced iStage 2 and the Science on Stage smartphone fun fair competition, which is still open to interested teachers.

The participating teachers also had the chance to test the newly acquired teaching ideas at Mirabilandia amusement park. Their students are surely looking forward to their next STEM classes.


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