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Georgian teachers share their experiences from the European festival

On the 21st of December, 2019 Science on Stage Georgia has organised the information day about the National Science on Stage Festival, which will happen in autumn 2020. Furthermore they conducted a physics workshop at SALiS laboratory at the Ilia State University in Tbilisi. About 60 science teachers attended the information session, about 25 the workshop.

The workshop was held by Keti Tatishvili, Nino Abesadze, Lali Mgeladze and Vazha Tetunashvili, who participated in the European Science on Stage Festival in Cascais. They shared their experiences from the international festival with the participants and presented different projects they've learned in Cascais.

The next Science on Stage workshop is planned for March.

Ukrainian Science on Stage festival 2018

The national Science on Stage festival in the Ukraine took place from 26-27 October 2018 at the Karazin Kharkiv National University. At the event the Ukrainian delegation for the European Science on Stage festival 2019 in Cascais, Portugal, was chosen. The event was joined by the TV team of giving a lively impression of the event:


Spanish Science on Stage festival 2018

From 5-7 October 2018 the Spanish festival 'Ciencia en Acción' took place at Viladecans, Barcelona. At the event prizes were awarded to the winners of the science education and communication program, in which 424 projects had participated in its 18 modalities. They presented some of the most surprising experiments, plays, and other shows to bring science closer to the youngest.

Picture © Science on Stage Spain

More than 500 students, teachers and disseminators attended the meeting of 'Science in Action', in the Cubic Building of Viladecans and the awards ceremony that took place in the Atrium Theater. Together they presented some 167 projects with activities and outreach work of nine countries (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Andorra, France, United States, Chile, and Peru), scientific demonstrations carried out by teachers and students of primary and secondary school and university, to the public.

On Saturday there were also activities in other parts of the municipality: 'La bodegueta de Viladecans' and 'Tasca Celler 1830' that hosted the activity 'Pint of science: come and learn science by taking a beer', with the shows 'Magic and mates in the bar', by Fernando Blasco (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Miguel Durán (University of Girona), and 'Café, copa y física', by Rafael García Molina (University of Murcia).

'Ciencia en Acción' has a great impact on the population to increase public appreciation for science and scientific vocations, as well as involving the entire Spanish educational and scientific community as well as the disseminators. It also enhances innovation in science education and prepares teachers and educators.

As a closing conference 'The periodic table, a cultural icon' was given by Santiago Alvarez, a member of the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry I Computer at the University of Barcelona, after which we proceeded to the awards ceremony.

We heartily thank the City of Viladecans, and all collaborating entities, for the great collaboration. Without their support the event would not have been possible.

More information:


Report by Cristina Padilla

Liberec: Czech Science on Stage festival 2018

On 13 October 2018 the Czech Science on Stage festival took place at the science centre iQLANDIA in Liberec. The whole day was packed with experiments, great ideas and interesting projects and primarily full of enthusiastic people: teachers who presented their new ideas, teachers who came for inspirations, educators, university researches and lecturers, science centre lecturers and entertainers, as well as families with kids who visited the science centre iQLANDIA, because the whole event was open to public.

In the morning the whole Science on Stage principle and its activities were introduced, followed by presentations and workshops. Jitka Soukupová, high school teacher from Stříbro, participant of two European Science on Stage festivals in London and Debrecen, gave a workshop about 'iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching' and about the successful participation of her team in the European STEM League. Jitka Houfková introduced the newest Science on Stage material for primary school 'Lilu’s House - Language Skills through Experiments' and all the brochures of Lilu’s House that were available were immediately taken by interested teachers. Both Jitka’s together presented a workshop demonstrating experiments for youngsters, formerly presented at the Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen.

Zdeněk Polák, high school teacher from Náchod, who participates in Science on Stage since its very beginning as Physics on Stage, and Peter Žilavý from high school in Tábor, participant of several international Science on Stage festivals, gave workshops based on their project presented in Debrecen.  Zdeněk presented his workshop 'Let’s play with heat' and Peter a workshop about 'Electromagnetics induction in many forms'.

After lunch the sixteen new projects that made it to the finals were presented by nineteen teachers on the stalls in the fair, as workshops or as stage performances. All presented projects were outstanding and it was a really difficult task for the jury composed of former Science on Stage international festivals participants, teachers, science educators and researchers, to make final decision and to choose the seven projects to represent Czech Republic at the next European Science on Stage festival in Portugal. We had two side juries as well – one composed of children and one composed of visitors - teachers and publics.

Prizes of the main jury:

  • Boats and Ships - Kateřina Lipertová
  • Physical experiments in computer science and beyond - Peter Žilavý
  • Traveling with famous scientists and discoverers - Jitka Soukupová

Children's jury prizes

  • Science show: Chemistry vs. physics - Petr Desenský, Pavel Saal
  • Workshop: Life of Plants - Monika Hojdanová
  • Drops and droplets - Věra Koudelková

Prizes of the publics

  • From Chicken to Bos and other soundtricks - Dana Mandíková
  • Workshop: High and low pressure - Zdeněk Hubáček
  • Boats and Pumps - Kateřina Lipertová

Special award

  • EarthKAM Space Mission – Vítek Peterka, Levi Crossan

Representatives of the Czech Republic at the Science on Stage 2019 International Festival (in alphabetical order by the authors)

  • Drops and droplets - Věra Koudelková
  • Boats and Ships - Kateřina Lipertová
  • From Chicken to Bos and other soundtricks - Dana Mandíková
  • Traveling with famous scientists and discoverers - Jitka Soukupová
  • Physical experiments in computer science and beyond - Peter Žilavý
  • Workshop: Life of Plants - Monika Hojdanová
  • Workshop: High and low pressure - Zdeněk Hubáček

Substitutes (in order of placement)

  • Vědohrátky - Kateřina Vágnerová, Jana Rožňová - one member of the team
  • Chemical Reactions in Project Teaching - Miroslava Bělochová

Big congratulation to all winners as well as to all participant for their fabulous projects and wonderful presentations!

Many thanks to all ten jury members for their hard work.

Science on Stage Czech Republic would like to thank to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, for its continual, not only financial, support without which it’s activity would not be possible.

Further Science on Stage Czech Republic would like to thank to the science centre iQLANDIA for hosting the national event.

Report by Jitka Houfková