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Shine a light on the next festival location: General Assembly in London

The motto of the Science on Stage festival 2015 at Queen Mary University of London is “Illuminating Science Education”. Recently our country representatives from Cyprus to Sweden and Portugal to Slovenia met at the next festival location. We are happy to share a first enlightening glimpse of where the Science on Stage magic is going to happen.

Besides the campus tour, we have also thought about new programme elements for the festival and how to enable even more enduring teacher exchange.

See more pictures of the festival 2015 location on facebook!


The General Assembly takes place every year. The National Steering Committees of the Science on Stage countries present their national activities and think about new ways to broaden the network and how to connect teachers across borders to ensure that science teaching all over Europe with Science on Stage is growing further.


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Student’s Excuses pt. 1

How often have you rejected silly student's excuses? What about this one: "I couldn't do my homework because my duck fell asleep on my calculator..." As it seems, this one was true!


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