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Spreading the ‘spark of inspiration’ of the Science on Stage network to Ukrainian STEM teachers

In June 2016 Science on Stage Ukraine joined our European Science on Stage network as new member country. Now the Ukrainian NSC Dr Nataliya Kazachkova reports about spreading the 'spark of inspiration' to Ukrainian STEM teachers during this summer:

"At Ukraine we are a team of  of seven enthusiastic STEM teachers  from the best Kharkiv secondary schools - the 'Magnificent Seven', as we call ourselves jokingly. On19 August 2016 our working group met the first time to work and do our best to make the future Science on Stage festival in Kharkiv a wonderful, unforgettable and useful experience.

During the end of August and the beginning of September it has been done a lot to spread the information about Science on Stage Europe and the local Science on Stage conference in November among Ukrainian STEM teachers. The end of August is always a busy time in Ukraine because the regional and  subject teaching meetings take part all over the country. We used those links to inform our colleagues about the Science On Stage community.

Of our team Dr. Ruslan Shalamov for example informed about Science on Stage at biology and chemistry teachers meetings in Vinytsia and Rovno and spread the word at the Advanced Training STEM Teacher Institute in Odesa.

A lot of work has also been done in our native city Kharkiv which is always supposed as educational and cultural capital of Ukraine. Me and Dr Iryna Zaretska reported about Science on Stage at the annual August Meetings of Physics and Computer Science Teachers. Iryna Zaretskaya found a new partner for the future Conference: 'RANOK', a main publisher of Ukrainian text books and school literature which is a very popular in Ukraine.

Ukrainian primary school teachers from Kharkiv and Kyiv had also been informed about the first Ukrainian Science on Stage conference at the premises of Kharkiv National University in November. The preparation of teaching projects and methodical innovations in 'Nature' subject  is unusual for them, as in Ukraine there are no 'science classes' but a subject called 'Nature'. Primary school students start to learn that subject from the second year in school. The teachers told us about lots of difficulties with the teaching of those topics. They asked many questions so it was very actual and important that we translated some articles from the Science on Stage journal into Ukrainian and were able to demonstrate the examples of the STEM teachers projects from Europe to our colleagues. From the discussion we understood that sharing experience with European teachers would be actual and fruitful for our primary school pedagogues.

Recently we were invited to take part at the local TV Programme 'Cultural Kharkiv' where we didn’t miss a chance to spread our absolutely positive emotions about the Science on Stage community and a possibility to involve Ukraine in the European teaching net. Sharing ideas and experience from teachers to teachers is very important - Let’s see what will happen next! See the TV programme about SoS in two weeks. Wish us a good luck! Science on Stage Europe IS GOING to UKRAINE!"


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