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Science on Stage Albania on Tour

Science on Stage Albania was really busy in the last couple of weeks, spreading the word about Science on Stage and the European Code League throughout Albania. The target groups of their events were students as well as teachers.

In Tirana, the capital of Albania, they organised the event "Leaders of the future" for students who are interested in coding. They introduced the attendees to Science on Stage and encouraged them to participate in the Code League.

In addition, they invited the most innovative STEM teachers from all over Albania to a conference, where they presented them the many opportunities the network offers. Science on Stage Albania was able to gain new coordinators for its activities and together they plan to create coding clubs all across the country. 

Report by: Mirjeta Domi

Photocredit: Science on Stage Albania 

Science on Stage Albania introduces its network at Scientific Conference in Tiranë

On 30 June 2018 Science on Stage Albania organised its second Scientific Conference with teachers from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia at the Innovative Center EDU ACT Albania in Tiranë. The purpose of the conference was to assemble teachers as well as representatives of educational institutions to develop a book (the ISBN paper publication) that collects papers with different scientific research work based on their experiences in education. At the conference the participants were introduced to Science on Stage Europe, the Albanian Science on Stage network and its activities. With a group of young children age 6 the team of Science on Stage Albania also did a little demonstration about coding, showing how to playfully get the pupils in touch with technology and programming.

A third Scientific Conference is planned for 8 September 2018. Albanian STEM teachers are invited to contribute to the conference with their own innovative teaching ideas by presenting their work at a poster in a workshop. Find further information at

Picture © Science on Stage Albania


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