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Premier colloque universitaire sur l’enseignement des sciences et du génie

On 25 May the Premier colloque universitaire sur l’enseignement des sciences et du génie - the first university colloquium on science and engineering education - took place in Montreal, Canada. 

The colloquium was organised by the Québec Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology. Together with a colleague, Johanne Patry, a member of the NSC of Science on Stage Canada, gave a practical workshop on digital tools for an online didactic approach, such as Moodle, an open-source learning platform.

At the end of this workshop, participants gained an operational knowledge of the online didactical approach which will enable them to be introduced to distance education design for their students.

Report and Photo by Johanne Patry 

Canadian Science on Stage festival 2018

Science on Stage Canada held its 6th edition of its biannual festival in Saskatoon from 9-12 August 2018. Educators from different corners of the country got together to share and learn from one another.

The event was hosted by the College of Education of the University of Saskatchewan. The major professional development stream offered to the participants was the Canadian Light Source which houses the 170 m synchrotron. The educators had the opportunity to visit the installations and to learn about this cutting-edge science and technology.

Participants also had the privilege to be introduced to the First Nations interpretation center in Wanuskewin Heritage Park where they were presented indigenous dances, science approaches, and meal.

During Science on Stage Canada events pedagogical discussions seeks to engage participants to share their views, opinions and solutions regarding important issues in the field. In this year’s event, the main question submitted to the participants was “Given the evolution of STEM, STSE, ESTEEM and now STEAM, how can the A for Art  be integrated into science teaching and learning?” You may read a synthesis of the discussion on our website at

Picture © Science on Stage Canada


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News from Canada: Explo-discory - Families at the farm

On Saturday 27 May, Dr Johanne Patry, chair of Science on Stage Canada organised a special workshop with La Maison de la Famille de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. Following monthly workshops since November, this special event brought together 20 families with children from 8 months to 10 years old. 

The goal of this farm day was to introduce children to food production and farm animals. Different mini-workshops were held which use a scientific inquiry approach. The children produced butter from cream (change of state). They made writing chalk with egg shells (blending). With clay the kids modeled farm animals (anatomy). They put together their own perception of farms and food production with the help of old CD jackets and magazine pictures (projecting knowledge). Plus, they were 'presented' to different farm animals and the milk production system (animal diversity).

Everyone picnicked together with added milk chocolate et cheese, curtasy of Macdonald Farm of McGill University.

Explo-discovery worshops mission is to teach science to children 3 to 8 years old and to their parents. La Maison de la famille is a non-profit organisation which aims at working with families from different sectors, mainly vulnerable and economically problematic.

Well, such a day shows that hands-on science learning starts with the stomach!


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