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Greek delegates show their project in a online conference

The Greek teaching project "Oh that gravitiy" was presented online at the 11th Panhellenic Conference “Science in Early Childhood Education” (6th to 8th November 2020) organized by the University of Ioannina. It shows how preschool teachers can make the concept of gravity more understandable for kindergarten children. This project was also shown at the European Science on Stage festival 2019 in Cascais. 

In this conference the teachers Angeliki, Giannis and Evangelia shared useful methods, material and their classroom experiences.

Once again, SonS was the “bridge” so that science doesn’t get trapped in the school laboratory. A “bridge” that helps teachers to spread knowledge to younger and older students and teachers of different levels.


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Science on Stage Greece continues to exchange best practice teaching ideas

Science on Stage Greece expands their experience of last year's festival by accepting the invitation of the Head of the Greek Mission and the Organizing Committee. They organised the 11th Panhellenic Conference on Natural Sciences in Pre School Education, that took place virtually on 07 November. The delegates of Science on Stage Greece held a workshop with the title "Energy: Look at its forms, find out its conversions, on a… fantastic bike ride!".

The following topics were discussed in this workshop:

1. Theoretical remarks on the concept of Energy, its forms and its transformations. Misunderstandings and alternative ideas of students on this topic.
2. Presentation of the construction and the parts of the bicycle with its conversion and transfer of Energy devices. Description based on photos, slides and live videos from the School Science LaboratoryofSerres.
3. Suggestions for didactic use of the bicycle and its experimental devices for students of preschool to high school level. Simulations, worksheets, collaborative environments, playful teaching methodology. Actionbound and Kahoot.
4. Evaluation of the project with multiple choice questions in the "Kahoot" environment, with the participation of 87% of the attendees and remarkable results.

The feedback of the participants rewarded our efforts of exchanging best teaching ideas and promoting an experimental approach of teaching science. 

A part of the educational material of the Conference is available at (in Greek)

Report by:

Sotiris Mandiliotis, Head of School Science Laboratory Center of Serres, Greece
Eleni Paloumpa, Head of School Science Laboratory Center of Laconia, Greece 


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Inspiring teachers - virtually

On the morning of Sunday, 1 November, three members of the Greek delegation at the 2019 Science on Stage festival, presented their work in a video conference organized by the laboratory centers of Crete.

Michalis Orfanakis showed his project "Optical Tweezers", which with he won the European STEM teacher award 2019. Furthermore, Antonis Margaritis and Giorgos Marakis were present with their "Hyperbaric Chamber" and Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis with his "Control Moment Gyro". In the context of the dissemination of good practices in science teaching, they tried to inspire and motivate a total of more than 80 of their colleagues, who attended the virtual event.

Pictures and Report: Science on Stage Greece 


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Take a workshop: Greek-Cyprian #SonS2017 follow up

The workshop took place on 28 February 2019 at the St. Paul & St. Peter High School, in Limassol, Cyprus. Several students and teachers from the current and nearby schools attended it. The activities presented were based on the educational escape room project 'Nemesis virus: the pandemic', developed by Georgios Villias from Greece. It focuses on the learning of biological concepts like cells’ structure and functions, electron microscopy and viruses, through a thrilling and engaging educational approach that can make science learning more appealing and meaningful to students. The project had been previously presented at Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary. Students and teachers alike had the chance to experience first-hand what is like to participate in an educational escape room. During the workshop, teachers also learnt how to develop activities of this type, but also how to facilitate their implementation in their classrooms.

Report and picture by Georgios Villias

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