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A weekend for sustainability

Two questions shaped the last weekend at Science on Stage: “How can teachers implement the Sustainable Development Goals in their STEM lessons?” and “Can we transfer one of our international teacher project meetings from in-person to virtual and make it personal, productive and fun?”

The answer to the second question is a resounding yes. 21 primary and secondary teachers from 14 countries came together virtually for the first work-meeting of our current teacher projects about sustainability in STEM education. 

In previous projects, the work meetings were always in-person to give the participants a chance to get to know each other and make personal connections. A meeting in Budapest was also originally planned for this project. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, of course this was impossible.

After months of planning and preparation by the project coordinator team and the Science on Stage office, last weekend was a meeting full of personal exchange, funny moments and productive discussions. The participants discussed how important topics like climate change and pollution could be integrated in STEM lessons and how they could promote sustainable behaviour in students and encourage them at the same time to be proactive in reaching the 17 SDGs by educating and shaping their environment.

They also prepared short videos in advance to introduce themselves and their ideas and everyone had the chance get to know their colleagues before the meeting.  In connection with the enthusiasm of the participants to meet new people, cooperate to find new ideas and learn from each other, this made it possible to start quickly with the work in smaller groups to brainstorm ideas and form collaborations on different topics that will be developed and internationally tested in the coming months.

We are very happy that another great international teacher project is on the way, thanks to the great motivation and commitment of the participants and the coordinators. Of course, we are looking forward to an in-person meeting in the future, but it is incredibly encouraging to see that teachers in the Science on Stage community can come together despite all the difficulties to develop innovative teaching concepts about such an important topic. The project is organised by Science on Stage Germany and proudly supported by SAP.


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Brainfinity: SonS Serbia realised the largest STEAM competition in their region

Science on Stage Serbia, organised Brainfinity, a unique competition in which elementary school students in years 5 through 8 solve real-life problems in teams using all the benefits of information technology (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.). The fact that 333 teams across Serbia and the region applied for the competition confirms that Brainfinity generated much interest among children, parents and teachers.

Brainfinity has two rounds. The first round (the Brainfinity Challenge) took place online on March 14. With help from their mentors, the teams had two hours to solve three tasks. The best teams qualified for the finals that took place on June 6 in Belgrade at two locations, Savremena Gimnazija and ITHS, where they solved detective problems.

The teams scored points not just for their answers, but also for their visual identity (team name, logo and email, as well as the points got on social media) and the public presentation in the finals in front of the jury which this year comprised 12 experts from various fields.

The winners of Brainfinty got valuable prizes, medals, tablets, vouchers for a language school and escape room, sweets and books, while their teachers/mentors got free membership for the Institute for Contemporary Education and vouchers for IQ testing.

Brainfinity applies STEAM principles, which develop children’s skills regarding science, technology, the arts and mathematics, as well as other academic and life skills (media literacy, resourcefulness and a proactive approach) designed to help the students prepare for the labor market.


Take a look at the finale in this video:

Learn more about Brainfinity here


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#SonS19 in Padua, Italy

Every beginning holds its own magic. For the first time, a Science on Stage festival took place in Italy! 

From 30 to 31 March, Science on Stage Italy organized a range of workshops for interested teachers on coding (Marco Nicolini), astronomy (Maria Rosa Ros from Spain), natural sciences (Monica Zanella) and mathematical machines (Pietro Cerreta). 

Additionally, the eleven Italian delegates for the European Science on Stage festival 2019 in Cascais, Portugal, presented their projects with great success.

The national Science on Stage Festival was part of the school's "Sperimentando" festival, during which students presented their STEM projects to other students and interested parties.

The delegates look forward to a reunion at the European Science on Stage festival from 31 October to 3 November in Cascais, Portugal!

Report by Monica Zanella 


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The Netherlands: Science on Stage at the TEMI Congress

On 16 April Marco Nicolini, participant in the iStage projects and Andrea van Bruggen-van der Lugt from Science on Stage Netherlands represented the Science on Stage network and its activities at the TEMI Congress (Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated) in Leiden. The event addressed up to 200 European secondary school teachers and stakeholders of STEM initiatives.

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