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Take a workshop to your country: Lilu visits Italy

Heidrun Boll, ambassador and part of the BackStageTeam of Science on Stage Germany e.V., was invited to Bolzano in Italy, to conduct a teacher training on 15 and 16 April. Here, she demonstrated her project "Hebelwerkstatt", which was awarded at the International Science on Stage festival 2017 in Hungary in the category "Natural Sciences for Primary School". She also presented the published teaching material “Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments”, on which she had worked as an author.

The training was organised by Monica Zanella of Science on Stage Italy. 20 primary school teachers from all over Italy took part. The participants were able to experience for themselves how stimulating action-oriented and research-oriented learning can be. They've learned how much language there is in natural sciences and which difficulties, for example, children with a migration background have to overcome in order to be able to follow a specialized class.

The feedback from the participating teachers was therefore very positive. One participant commented: "It was a great training, very close to everyday-lessons with an extremely motivated and competent lecturer!" They hope that in the future, more trainings of this kind could take place in Italy. 

You can order the brochure “Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments" here for free or download it as a PDF file.


Photocredit: Elisabeth Wieser 

Report by Monica Zanella

Take a workshop to your country: Lilu in Dublin

Lilu and Alina visited Eire: A "Lilu's House"-workshop took place on Saturday, April 13th at Dublin City University as part of the annual Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) Conference.

The 18 participants, who had traveled from all over Ireland, were mainly primary school teachers with some secondary science teachers.

The focus of the workshop was to gain hands-on experience by exploring many of the experiments from the teaching material: Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments. Each teacher received a copy of the book as well as simple materials to recreate the experiments in their classrooms.

Feedback from the workshop was very positive with many teachers stating that they found the workshop very useful and that they would use Lilu’s House in their classes.

It is hoped to run more Lilu’s House Workshops around Ireland.


Report and picture by Paul Nugent 

The workshop was presented by: Jitka Houfková, SonS Executive Board and Charles University in Prague, Jane Shimizu: Primary teacher at Scoil Chaitríona, Junior School, Galway, Ireland and Paul Nugent, SonS Executive Board and Institute of Physics in Ireland.

Take a workshop: Swiss #SonS2017 project at StarT Festival

The StarT Festival of the Uusimaa region took place at the University of Helsinki, Kumpula Science Campus on the 12th of April 2019. The theme of the day was “Witches and wizards of the Kumpula Science Campus”. The workshops involved some “magical” hands-on science experiments for children.

The festival day also included a fair for students’ projects, that were visited by students and teachers. We also had a stand at this fair for our international guests Felix and Reto Speerli. The brothers from Switzerland won the European STEM Teacher Award  2017 at the Science on Stage festival in Debrecen for their project "Ikarus". At their stand, they had the opportunity to talk about "Ikarus". But Felix and Reto also went to the students’ stands and the older students presented their projects to them. 

The festival also included a teachers’ “pedagogical café”, where teachers shared their best educational practices that had led to the students’ projects presented at the fair. Here Reto and Felix gave a presentation about their SonS project "Ikarus". They received a lot of questions from the audience which was delighted to hear, that Reto and Felix had translated the instruction booklet for their project in Finnish. The translated booklet will be published on the Finnish StarT website. And Reto and Felix challenged the Finnish teachers to replace the cover photo of the booklet with a photo from space they have taken with these instructions.

Also, the Finnish SonS teacher delegates of 2019 (apart from one team) participated in the festival. We had our first meeting with them there. Reto and Felix participated too. They shared their experiences and gave some advice and comments about SonS for our new delegates. Both of the StarT project managers were present - as we have coordinated the selection in Finland this year through StarT - and also the longtime organizer of SonS Finland, Irma Hannula. The SonS delegates presented their SonS projects at this meeting. So the StarT-Festival was also the Finnish starting point for the international Science on Stage festival 2019. 

Photos by Veera Sinikallio, LUMA Centre Finland

Report by Anette Markula

Take a workshop: Greek-Cyprian #SonS2017 follow up

The workshop took place on 28 February 2019 at the St. Paul & St. Peter High School, in Limassol, Cyprus. Several students and teachers from the current and nearby schools attended it. The activities presented were based on the educational escape room project 'Nemesis virus: the pandemic', developed by Georgios Villias from Greece. It focuses on the learning of biological concepts like cells’ structure and functions, electron microscopy and viruses, through a thrilling and engaging educational approach that can make science learning more appealing and meaningful to students. The project had been previously presented at Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary. Students and teachers alike had the chance to experience first-hand what is like to participate in an educational escape room. During the workshop, teachers also learnt how to develop activities of this type, but also how to facilitate their implementation in their classrooms.

Report and picture by Georgios Villias

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