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The Netherlands and Germany: ‘Ecosim’ meets ‘Lakes for the future’

At the last European Science on Stage festival 2015 in London André Steffans and Christian Karus from Germany met Tom Toebes and Dirk Hilbers from the Netherlands. Both teacher teams decided to go for a teacher exchange and evaluate the intersections between their projects 'Ecosim' and 'Lakes for the future'. After staying in touch via mail the Dutch teachers visited their German colleagues on 02 November 2015 in Wesel. Within the frame of this meeting they came to the idea to transfer the simulation model of 'Ecosim' on the gravel dredging area near Wesel. Steffans, Karus, Toebes and Hilbers then planned two further follow-up meetings in Wesel where the German students should be introduced to the basics of 'Ecosim' and learn how to transfer their knowledge on the gravel dredging area. On 17 March 2016 the Dutch teachers finally presented their simulation model to the German students. After three hours the students were familiar with the basics of 'Ecosim' and were able to implement the information and to do the coding for their own simulation. After the Easter holidays in Germany the geography advanced course followed up on working on the project. The results will be evaluated and optimised at the next meeting of the teacher teams in May. The Dutch-German cooperation now plans to further combine the project ideas of 'Ecosim' and 'Lakes for the future', to keep up the exchange across borders and to insert the software of 'Ecosim' also to other school projects.

Connecting teachers and making new friendships possible: Take a Workshop to your Country

How can we spread the best ideas of the Science on Stage festivals further in Europe? Surely, our festivals are an exceptional breeding place of inspiration and new ideas for science teaching. But four days of wow aren’t enough in our opinion.

Therefore every Science on Stage country organises at least one teacher training. Each time a local teacher and a teacher from abroad, both participants of the last Science on Stage festival, present their projects to a group of non-Science on Stage teachers in countries throughout Europe.

Meanwhile we had Italian teachers flying to Sweden, German teachers travelling to Portugal, Spanish teachers heading to Finland or Slovenian teachers travelling to France. Like this, stunning teaching concepts don't remain within one's own classroom, but are spread transnationally.

And there are still more workshops throughout Europe and Canada to come: Take the opportunity to get to know tested teaching concepts of the Science on Stage festivals “from teachers for teachers”. 

Take a Workshop to your Country: Dates and Places 
Austria, May or November 2014
Canada, 26 June 2014
Italy, July 2014
Poland, 19/20 September 2014
Ireland, 27 September 2014

Details and reports of past workshops: Take a Workshop to your Country


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The Chemistry is right: Italian-German teacher exchange with Science on Stage

The chemistry between these two chemistry teachers was right when they first met at the Science on Stage festival 2013: Here, Jens Viehweg from Meißen/Germany and Fancesca Butturini from Verona/Italy exchanged their projects and teaching ideas. To deepen the contact and to exchange even further, they met again in Verona using a Science on Stage travel scholarship.
Here's a short interview with Jens Viehweg and his impressions:

What happened during your exchange in Italy?
We held a workshop for teachers with our festival projects: Francesca’s “Chemical Equilibrium of the Kipp apparatus” and my project “Chips are not equally Chips”. Besides, we worked together with students to detect the chemistry of food components of potato, tortilla or crab crisps in class.

Will you use ideas gained at the exchange in your own classes?
Absolutely! I will use the Kipp experiments for a number of ambitious lessons at home. We also had enough time to test experiments with the Italian colleagues and to exchange about didactic and methodical aspects.

Have you thought of applying for the next Science on Stage festival with a joint project?
Indeed: we thought of developing a project that connects many subjects, is relevant for cross-border cooperation and for which we instantly found several experiments. This much can be revealed: It will have to do with H2O.

What was special about the exchange with a teacher abroad?
Student experiments aren’t the order of the day in Italy. Therefore, we aim to not only exchange in form and content in the future, but also technically in terms of how to organise group work, writing protocols and evaluations with students.

Want to go abroad as well?
Participants of the Science on Stage Festival 2013 can still apply for a Travel Scholarship and teacher exchange to meet colleagues of the festival again!



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