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For Science on Stage Serbia the most important STEAM skill is problem solving

On Thursday, 22 October, Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute for Contemporary Education organized online lectures titled “Examples of the Best STEAM Teaching Practices in Serbia”. The lectures especially focused on understanding problem solving as the most important skill of today and beyond. The SonS webinar was attended by a record of 1100+ teachers from Serbia and the region. In addition, the SonS webinar included the lecture “Application of 3D Holograms in Teaching – Practical Examples of Using Holograms in Science Teaching in Elementary Schools”, which illustrated the implementation of technology in STEAM.

What is problem solving?

Problem solving refers to solving specific real-life problems whereby individuals or groups use previous knowledge together with other skills to solve a new, unknown situation. Interdisciplinary linking of natural sciences and problem solving enhances 21st-century skills and provides people with knowledge that leads towards innovation.

Problem solving is a combination of theory and practice that almost by definition yields multiple solutions. It comprises several steps: understanding a problem, researching and collecting information, creating a strategy and brainstorming, choosing the best solution, executing an action plan and reviewing the results.

Through problem solving, the SonS webinar connected STEAM skills and teachers throughout Serbia and the region. 

The Brainfinity Global Problem Solving Concept, launched by Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute, presented problem solving to children, parents and educators in Europe. The next big step is the Brainfinity problem solving week (7–13 December, 2020), when the practical use of problem solving in different areas will be discussed in workshops for students, teachers, parents, companies and schools.


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A lookback on Science on Stage Serbia’s webinars

In summer 2020 Science on Stage Serbia started a series of webinars to train ducators and teachers. With "Examples of the best STEAM teaching practices in Serbia" the team wants to introduce the Science on Stage network to teachers and potential partners.

The webinars are organized in two parts. First the speaker presents their examples of good STE(A)M teaching concepts. After the presentiation the participants get the chance to communicate directly wiith the speaker and each other, ask questions and discuss. 

In the last two months three webinars were held. The topics were: 

1st webinar, 08.07.2020

Make your city (architecture and connecting mathematics

Anica Trickovic, mathematics teacher, presented how mathematics can be learned outside the classroom, how this subject is used in student professional orientation, interpersonal connections, developing team spirit and affirmative relations in the classroom. But also shows how students from fifth to eighth grade can easily calculate the areas of all mathematical figures with understanding.

Do we really need nuclear power plants? - practical IT tools in physics teaching

Our lecturer Mladen Sljivovic, physics teacher, presented a presentation "Do we really need nuclear power plants?" - practical IT tools in physics teaching ”, which won at the Scientix competition for innovative approach in education, but also by national award for the best example of the use of ICT in teaching scientific subjects in high school.   

2nd webinar:  24.07.2020

When can Eratosthenes, so can we (Eratosthenes experiment)  

Tatjana Markovic Topalovic, a physics teacher, presented the history of the Eratosthenes' experiment and emphasized the importance of connecting history and philosophy with modern education. Mathematics teacher Snezana Tosovic presented how we can use Eratosthenes' experiment as an example for project teaching, with students from elementary school to high school. Danilo Borovnica, a teacher of mathematics and informatics, shared his  experiences from participating in aglobal experiment of measuring the circumference of the Earth by meridians, in which, together with his students, he used various tools and STEAM applicable knowledge to prepare and implement the project.

3th webinar: 10.08.2020

Mathematics and poetry

The presentation showd how poetry and mathematics can be connected in teaching with the aim of acquiring mathematical knowledge. Webinar participants were encouraged to look for inspiration themselves and to start writing mathematical poetry. Presented by Natalija Budinski, Mathematics teacher.

Introducing the micro:bit and its capabilities

How can the micro:bit be used as a teaching tool for developing critical thinking and problem solving in the upper grades of primary school? Dalibor Todorović computer science teacher, shared his experience on using micro: bit as a teacher, as well as a consultant on the development and adaptation of manuals for Coding Clubs in the Western Balkans. 

The response of teachers was excellent, about 250 teachers all across Serbia participated at each webinar. 


The future activities: 

In the first webinars, presentations were done by members of Science on Stage Serbia in serbian language, but, in the future, SonS ambassadors and supportes will be included. The target group are primary and secondary school teachers.

Find here an overview of the coming webinars:

Webinars will take place on the 2nd and 4th week of every month, until the end of the year. 

  • 10.09.2020: Games for developing algorithmic thinking for the kids 
  • 10.09.2020: NET cabinet
  • 24.09.2020: Scientific phenomenon of the circle in the folk tradition of our region
  • 24.09.2020: Logifaces cubes
  • 22.10.2020: Holograms in STEAM teaching
  • 11.11.2020: Scientific pantomime
  • 09.12.2020: Logarithms in the land (connecting mathematics, chemistry and archeology)

Registration will be possible on the SonS Serbia website, seven days before each webinar.


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Webinar for Georgian science teachers

In times of social distancing, teachers do not have to abstain from international cooperation and further training. This is also proven by Science on Stage Georgia. On 21.05.2020 they hosted a webinar for Georgian science teachers. It was organized in cooperation with the Science Education Research Centre SALiS, the Copernicus Science Centre and the School with Class Foundation from Poland. 

Science on Stage Georgia Steering Committee member and biology teacher, Dr. Natia Bagatrishvili, held the event, whose topic was "Students inquiry during distance teaching". More than 30 science teachers from all over Georgia attended the webinar. 

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