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09.03.2021 15:00-16:00 eu

Webinar “Infection Detective - Inquiry-based learning through simulation games for primary school”

In light of COVID-19, we created a novel simulation game, to explain exponential growth in disease spread. The simulation game is an open educational resource for children to reflect on how tests and isolation can be applied to stop contagious diseases. We want to share how this online game was developed and how we developed teaching material for inquiry-based learning on top of it. The audience gets to try the game and some of the teaching material.

Please be aware of your time zone, the webinar is 15:00-16:00 CET (Berlin time).

Majken Grünfeld comes from Denmark where she teaches science and technology, physics, chemistry and math at both primary and secondary level. Whether she is teaching children in 1st grade or young adults in 10th grade you will often hear her say: “Try it out!” to her students. Majken enjoys making teaching materials. Besides “Lilu’s House”, she has produced teaching material for an online game with the purpose of creating awareness on disease spreading developed by Aalborg University. Majken has been involved with Science on Stage since 2015 where she participated in the Science on Stage festival in London as a delegate. Shortly after the festival in 2017 in Debrecen - where Majken also participated as a delegate - she became the main NSC for Science on Stage Denmark. At the festival in 2019 in Cascais, she was furthermore part of the international jury team.  

Bastian Ilsø Hougaard is a Research Assistant at Aalborg University working with Assistant Professor Hendrik Knoche in research on games and data visualization with novel technologies such as virtual reality, eye tracking and brain-computer interfaces. His transdisciplinary profile is founded on his background as Cand.Scient. Medialogy. He is interested in bridging interaction design and digital storytelling to create interactive data visualization for the wider public. Bastian is the primary developer of Infection Detective, developed as part of the COVID-19-CTRL project.

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