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11.03.2021 16:00-17:30 eu

Physics with Arduino: Science Magic Box

How can you implement programming with Arduino into physics teaching? You could build your own physics lab. In this webinar you learn with practical examples for teachers how to process and convert physical quantities using an Arduino and externals sensors. You get an insight into the structure of Arduino code and how to use it on a real Arduino.

All this can also be done in online remote teaching and in the webinar you will learn about and test some simulators and online tools.

To be able to try out things at home during the webinar, you will need to prepare a few things:

  • Tinkercad: Register at if you do not already have an account
  • Vitronics: Download and install the Virtronics simulator here It’s free for 30 days, so install it a few days before the webinar.
  • Arduino programming environment: Register at if you do not have an account already


Please be aware of your time zone, the webinar is 16:00-17:30 CET (Berlin time).

Marco Nicolini teaches math and physics at the Liceo Scientifico Statale “A.Tassoni”, Modena, Italy, an upper secondary grammar school, and lectures in the Planetario di Modena. He has been previously teaching in the European School Bruxelles 2. Marco is a co-author of several Science on Stage teaching materials such as “Football in Science Teaching” and “Coding in STEM Education" (the teaching unit "Science Magic Box"). Apart from being Science on Stage Ambassador and Scientix Ambassador, he likes making videos on experiments, mainly with special techniques. 

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