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07.10.2020 18:00-19:00 eu

Webinar “Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments”

Why does the mirror fog up when I take a shower? Why do I see my reflection upside-down in a spoon? And why does bread dough not rise without yeast? For children, everyday life is full of questions.

In this webinar you will learn about fun and easy experiments that primary school children can do to explore ‘inexplicable’ observations. By reflecting on these verbally, the children can enhance their language skills. The experiments are taken from the brochure “Lilu’s House” and

14.10.2020 fr

Postponed! The National Science on Stage Festival in France

The national Science on Stage festival 2020 in France is postponed. It will take place in fall 2021. At this event, the French delegation for the European Science on Stage Festival 2022 will be chosen. 

Find more information about the event here!

15.10.2020 16:00-17:00 eu

Webinar “Introduction to BBC micro:bit”

In this webinar for primary and secondary teachers, teachers gain some basic knowledge of the BBC micro:bit, a microcomputer which has become popular recently. It aims to inspire young people to get creative and develop core skills in science, technology and engineering. The integrated sensors distinguish the micro:bit from other robotic tools. This pocket-sized codeable computer has motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology. With the micro:bit, which is quite easy to

21.10.2020 18:00-19:00 gb

ASE Science on Stage workshop

Science on Stage is a unique event. It brings together teachers from across Europe sharing teaching ideas and projects that delegates have been involved in. The UK has a number of delegate places and teachers from across the UK can submit a project idea - primary or secondary. Successful projects will then be invited to join the delegation to go to Prague in 2022.

This event will bring together successful delegates from past festivals to share their experiences, good teaching ideas they saw

10.11.2020 — 11.12.2020 si

National Science on Stage festival in Slovenia

The national Science on Stage festival 2020 in Slovenia takes place from 10-11 November at the University of Ljubljana. At this event, the Slovenian delegation for the European Science on Stage Festival 2022 will be chosen. 

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