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16.03.2020 09:00-17:30 ch

3rd Workshop in Romandie

Science on Stage Switzerland is organising a one-day workshop on Monday 16 March 2020 with the Scienscope of the University of Geneva.

The purpose of this day is to share the experience of the Swiss delegation at the Science on Stage Europe festival held in Cascais, Portugal, from October 31 to November 3, 2019, with all interested teachers. The participants in this day will also have the opportunity to visit part of the University of Geneva's Scienscope.

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21.03.2020 ch

Workshop: Discover natural scientific phenomena in the bathroom (Lilu’s House)

As part of the 11th Innovation Day, Science on Stage Switzerland is organising the workshop "Discover natural scientific phenomena in the bathroom". The workshop is based on the teaching material "Lilu's House: Language Skills through Experiments". From codensation to the reflection of light to the circulation of water - there are plenty of scientific phenomena to discover in a bathroom! The participants learn experiements which they can teach children these phenomena while simultaneously