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Anne Jacob (-Streiff)
Science on Stage Switzerland - Académie suisse des sciences naturelles SCNAT Maison des Académies
+41 (0)31 306 93 05

Science on Stage Switzerland

Science on Stage Switzerland is an association, which goals are the organisation of a national Science on Stage Switzerland competition, the participation in activities of Science on Stage Europe and the promotion of science teaching.

Science on Stage Switzerland tries to promote science education, primarily by selecting and sending Swiss teachers to the festival organised by Science on Stage Europe. The swiss competition will be organised each two years to select the 5 projects representing Switzerland in the European Festival.

Visitors from other Science on Stage countries are welcome to our national competition! Please contact us if you would like to come to Switzerland.

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Events in 2020

16 March 2020, Geneva: 3rd Workshop in Romandie (Follow-up event of the European Science on Stage festival 2019).
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14 November 2020, Winterthur: National event of Science on Stage Switzerland (selection of the delegation for the next European Science on Stagte festival in Prague).
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