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Dr Nataliya Kazachkova
Executive Director of ECYGDA (Educational Centre of Youth Gifts Development Association), Kharkiv, Ukraine

Science on Stage Ukraine

Science on Stage Ukraine was started in Kharkiv in 2016 and is supported by a group of enthusiastic science teachers, who work as volunteers at the Educational Centre of Youth Gifts Development Association (ECYGDA).

The ECYGDA was set up in 1999 as an NGO dealing with science educational projects and is by now situated at the premises of Karazin Kharkiv National University. With its 'Paradox Shows', various other theme shows, science cafés (Café Sientifique), and new exhibits for science shows ECYGDA became a platform for running popular science shows for secondary school students and science teachers. Since 2008 the Centre is a member of Eusea. Now it is host to Science on Stage Ukraine

Science on Stage Ukraine wants to support STEM teachers in Ukraine by:

  • spreading the ideas and the spirit of the European Science on Stage festivals in teacher trainings: Ukrainian and Western Europe festival projects are to be presented to STEM teachers throughout Ukraine.
  • the development and design of self-made and non-typical exhibits, equipment and physics toys for science shows and for teaching physics at secondary school.
  • fostering science teachers, who are able to present their innovations not only in the native languages (Russian and Ukrainian) but in English as well.
  • the organisation of the first Science on Stage festival for STEM teachers from all over Ukraine in Kharkiv in November 2016. 


>> Find here the full report of Science on Stage Ukraine about its activities in 2017 for download.

The story of ECYGDA 1999-2016

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