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Ásdís Ingólfsdóttir
Upper secondary school teacher, Science on Stage Iceland

Science on Stage Iceland

Science on Stage Iceland joined the Science on Stage network in 2016. The National Steering Committee of Iceland is situated in Reykjavik city and is represented by the board of the Icelandic science teacher association (Félag raungreinakennara) with Melkorka Matthíasdóttir, Birgir Urbancic Ásgeirson, Birgir Martin Bárðason and Magnús Hlynur Haraldsson.

The aim of Science on Stage Iceland is to encourage teachers to meet and share their ideas in teaching. The steering committee of the science teacher association has noticed through the years that the science part in teaching has decreased in all school stages. It is a worrying sign that the children in Iceland will not get a proper science education since science is so important in all parts of the society and for the future.

Through communication with teachers in other countries there are similar worrying signs all over Europe and therefore it is very important that the teachers meet and share ideas that can make science even more interesting both for teachers and students. To make connections with teachers in other countries is both important and fun.

The Icelandic science teacher association organizes annual teacher training activities in association with the Icelandic University continuing education program.  This has a different theme which is supposed to appeal to different teachers in every STEM subject.


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