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Yasser Tawfik

Science on Stage Egypt

Science on Stage Egypt joined the Science on Stage network as first 'Associate Member' in 2016. It is hosted by The National Institute of Education- Egypt (NIEgypt), an independent research and education department with a national vision to improve the teachers, school management and educational practice toward world class quality. NIEgypts objective is to build a community around research and training to improve, enhance and achieve the national educational objectives toward a successful future and economy.

Science on Stage Egypt is represented by Yasser Tawfik, head of the Egyptian National Steering Committee.

The aims of Science on Stage Egypt are to support:

  • adaptive and personalised learning techniques that take individuals differences in consideration
  • interdisciplinary teaching
  • teacher and educational leadership trainings
  • the exchange of educational experiences in order to find new solutions to future challenges
  • improve education and educational management to achieve change
  • more students to consider a STEM career ??

Egyptian Science on Stage festival 2017

Primary and secondary school teachers from all across  Egypt are invited to apply with their ideas for the first Egyptian Science on Stage festival which will take place 22 April at Nile University in Giza. 

For further information follow this link or get in direct contact with the Egyptian NSC.

Find the online application form here.

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