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Stefanie Schlunk
Chair Science on Stage Europe
+49 30 400067-40

Science on Stage Germany

Science on Stage Germany enables German teachers to broaden their horizons and be inspired by the ideas and experience of their European colleagues.

Every two years Science on Stage Germany organises a national selection event to select the German delegation for the European Science on Stage festival. About 100 teachers can exchange teaching ideas and experiments with colleagues from all over Germany.

Science on Stage Germany organises two-year lasting workshops with international groups of teachers, who develop teaching materials to current topics in science teaching like 'iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching'. The developed teaching units are then published in a brochure and spread Europe-wide. 

Besides organising workshops, Science on Stage Germany spreads the ideas and the spirit of the European Science on Stage festivals in teacher trainings. They invite German and foreign festival projects to be presented to science teachers throughout Germany.

Science on Stage Germany offers a wide range of multilingual teaching materials for teachers from all over Europe. They can be downloaded and ordered for cost of the postage from the webpage.

The Science on Stage festival 2013 in S?ubice – Frankfurt (Oder) was organised by Science on Stage Germany and Science on Stage Poland in international collaboration. The festival 2008 in Berlin has been the first to be organised and hosted by a National Steering Committee

Science on Stage Germany e.V. is registered as non-profit association. It was founded in 2003 and is based in Berlin. 

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German Science on Stage event 2018

Teacher trainings

'iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching' available in German

iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching

Teachers and Scientists (2014-2017)

Excursion: Digital Media in Primary School

Main Supporter

Main supporter of Science on Stage Germany is the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries (GESAMTMETALL) with its initiative think ING.