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Take a workshop to your country

Each Science on Stage country organises a workshop or teacher training for science teachers in their country. Like this, STEM teachers in Europe have the chance to get to know best-practice concepts and teaching ideas from the international Science on Stage festivals. 

The current workshops are a follow-up activity of the past Science on Stage festivals. At each workshop two festival projects are presented - one from the home country and another from one of the other Science on Stage countries.

In this way Science on Stage contributes to the continuous professional development of educators all across Europe.

Italy, 30-31 March 2019

Cyprus, 28 February 2019

Turkey, 30 September 2018

Poland, 21 September 2018

Sweden, 6 September 2018

Switzerland, 24 March 2018

Cyprus, 16-18 March 2018

Belgium, 21 October 2017

Italy, 6-7 April 2017

Germany, 24 March 2017

Switzerland, 18 March 2017

Past 'Take a workshop to your country' 2016-2013