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Travel scholarships for Teacher Exchange

Have you seen a project at the festival you especially like? Do you want to continue the exchange with an international colleague you met at the festival?

School teachers from different countries who met each other at the European Science on Stage festival or on another conference/workshop (at least one of them must have attended the festival as delegate) can apply for a travel scholarship to deepen the exchange or develop a new STEM project together.
Science on Stage Europe provides a subsidy of up to 300 € for travel costs.

The aim of this exchange is to develop a new STEM project together which can be handed in as a 'Joint Project' for the upcoming Science on Stage festival.

Please find all details below.

How to apply

Application deadlines

Overview: Teacher exchanges 2018-2015

Joint projects

You are a former Science on Stage festival participant and developed a project with a teacher from another country? You want to share it with us at the next European Science on Stage festival? Then apply with your 'joint project'!

Besides the regular national STEM teacher delegations, there are several additional places at the European Science on Stage festivals for teachers offering internationally developed projects - the so called 'joint projects'.

The festival committee decides upon your application and your participation in the event. The project should be:

  • from teachers from two different countries that decided to develop a project together and of whom at least one participated at a European Science on Stage festival
  • for the evaluation obvious in its development or its progress in the course of time

Teachers with joint projects can directly apply at Science on Stage Europe for the next European Science on Stage festival in Prague. You find further information on the festival page.

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