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Science on Stage invites STEM teachers of all school levels to exchange teaching concepts and to share ideas. Through various activities, the network has reached about 100.000 teachers and teacher trainers in over 30 European countries based on an extrapolation by the country representatives in 2015.

The impetus for all activities are the European Science on Stage festivals. They are held every two years in a different European country, organised by the host member country.

These festivals have developed to be Europe's biggest science teaching event. It is not only the size, but also the technical quality, the international atmosphere and the enthusiastic spirit which make these events so unique.

Subsequent activities of the Science on Stage festivals focus on sharing, developing and sustaining the inspiration gained at the festival.

These follow-up activities include workshops, teacher-training courses, travel scholarships for teacher exchange programmes, publications of brochures and teaching materials and collaborative projects with industry.


>>Download guidelines for travel cost reimbursement
Please note: For specific events and activities Science on Stage Europe reimburses expenses for travel. In these cases, the respective information will be given beforehand to the participants of events and activities.

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