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Science Magic Box - From sensor to actuator

The students will learn how to program for a self-built hardware-software enviroment (based on Arduino) and for a ready-to-use pocket computer (TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator with its extension, the TI-Innovator Hub). Both are used as devices for sensor data collection, conversion and transduction to easily handle, read, convert and actuate physical quantities.

The teaching unit is taken from the brochure Coding in


Discover natural scientific phenomena in the Kitchen (Lilu’s House)


Which sort of bread do people eat in foreign countries? Why do you need yeast to make dough rise? Where is our numeral system from? With simple bread recipes children explore new culinary traditions and languages of other countries as well as the physics of yeast-dough. The kitchen offers children various opportunities for inquiry-based learning while simultaneously training their skills in speaking,


Discover natural scientific phenomena in the bathroom (Lilu’s House)


Why does the mirror fog up when you take a shower? Why do you see your reflection not upside-down in a shower head as you would in a spoon? And why is clean water coming out of the tap even though it comes from the ground?

From codensation to the reflection of light to the circulation of water - there are plenty of scientific phenomena to discover in a bathroom! This teaching unit offers children various


Strong as a bear through leverage - Feel the leverage power

by Heidrun Boll

The topic of levers does not pose a problem to children. A door can be opened, a nail pulled out. Kids have to be made aware of the problem so that they can recognize it. Therefore, the kids should be given various tasks to be performed without the help of levers. They are only partially successful in this. Performing the task makes them aware of the need of help to solve the problem more

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