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From raw materials to objet d’art - Festival project 2015

by Angelika Fussi

How can students use their creativity and gain scientific knowledge at the same time? In this project students create metal sculptures and learn everything about the process, from the choice of the right raw materials, to the modelling, casting and finishing of the sculptures.

Feel good for a healthy earth - Festival project 2015

by Angela Colli

?You are what you eat. We all heard this sentiment before and in times of global health issues it is even more important that student learn about healthy nutrition. But we don’t have to only consider what is good for the body but also what is the least damaging to the earth. Students in this project don’t only consider the nutritional value of various foods but also their carbon, ecological


Biophysical Inspirations - Festival project 2015

by Aneta Mika?

As the science keep getting more and more connected it is important for students to understand how they connect. In this project students build their own models of biophysical processes which happen for example in the human body.

Physics ‘painted’ by light and shade - Festival project 2015

Poland flag by Adam Buczek and Adam Glinka

Phosphorescent foil excited by blue laser and fax paper traced by hot bearing bullets were used for observation of effects in various fields of physics, for instance physics, for instance kinematics and dynamics. With this method, visually attractive results can be easily obtained and may be used for further analysis.

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