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Discover natural scientific phenomena in the living room (Lilu’s House)

How do I measure a room? Why is it so difficult to push a sofa over a fluffy carpet? From understanding spatial conditions to the friction effect, the living room offers children a wide range of opportunities to explore and discover scientific questions. At the same time they train speaking, reading and writing. The stories and the corresponding experiments can be read and performed independently of each other and their order can be changed.

Find below the material as PDF ready for download as well as some additional material here. The teaching unit is taken from the brochure ‘Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments’. The complete brochure is available free of charge and can be ordered via email (to or downloaded. It was developed by an international team of primary school teachers from seven countries.

Authors: Petra Breuer-Küppers (DE), Maeve Liston (IR)

Lilus Haus: Wohnzimmer-Wunder
Lilu’s House: Living Room Marvels

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