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Life Management: About the connection between consumption, physical activity & weight (iStage 1)


We need a lot of energy simply to live. We need energy for all of our movements, for a constant body temperature, to build our body, for our metabolism, even for brain activity. The teaching unit ‘Don’t Worry, Be Healthy - Life Management’ is designed to help students understand the connection between consumption, physical activity, and weight.

This unit is recommended for students age 12 to 14 years as prior knowledge in biology is required.

Please find the additional material mentioned in the text below. The project is taken from the brochure ‘iStage: ICT in Science Teaching’ from the unit ‘Biology and Health’. You can order the complete brochure in print (mail or download it here. The material has been developed by 22 teachers from 15 countries. The project has been supported by SAP.

Please find additional material for this teaching unit here.

Authors: Janos Kapitany (HU), Márta Gajdosné Szabó (HU) | Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. | License: Creative Commons

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