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Lantern Moon: Chemistry in primary school with Petra Mischnick and the wallpaper paste experiment


It’s sticky: wallpaper paste. But what is it made of and why does it jump like a ball if you squeeze it thightly and smash it to the ground even though it is a liquid?

Petra Mischnick is a chemist and does research on the ingredients of food: For example she investigates how glue can be won from cereals and potatoes. In ‘Lantern Moon and Hot Ears’ she presents simple experiments for primary students showing them how to investigate the characteristics of starch, e.g. the students mix cornflour with water and see what happens to the starch paste when it is at rest, stirred or squeezed.

The teaching brochure ‘Lantern Moon and Hot Ears’ was created by an international working group following the Science on Stage festival 2011 in Copenhagen. The new edition with simplified texts contains templates which can be copied to promote language skills with natural sciences. Scientists explain in them, how they came to their chosen profession and the sometimes odd stories that happened to them along the way.

The collection contains assignments to promote language skills for students with various experiments. Primary school teachers working with these assignments do not need to have specialized scientific knowledge. The brochure can be downloaded here.

Lantern Moon and Hot Ears - Petra Mischnick, Chemist
Laternenmond und heiße Ohren - Petra Mischnick, Chemikerin

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