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Biophysical Inspirations - Festival project 2015

by Aneta Mika?

As the science keep getting more and more connected it is important for students to understand how they connect. In this project students build their own models of biophysical processes which happen for example in the human body.

Physics ‘painted’ by light and shade - Festival project 2015

Poland flag by Adam Buczek and Adam Glinka

Phosphorescent foil excited by blue laser and fax paper traced by hot bearing bullets were used for observation of effects in various fields of physics, for instance physics, for instance kinematics and dynamics. With this method, visually attractive results can be easily obtained and may be used for further analysis.

Time travel as a guided chemical tour - Festival Project 2015

by András Róka
Science does not have to be dry and boring. It can be an exciting performance. In this project the Hungarian teacher demonstrates with chemical reactions various events from the Big Bang through many evolutionary stages up to the development of humans.


Liquid chromatography with mixtures of coloured components (gel filtration) - Festival project 2015

by Andrea van Bruggen, Dr. Stefan Rüdiger
Science is not only about understanding abstract concepts but also about experimental ways to investigate them. Therefore it is vital that students get to know different methods such as liquid chromatography with which they investigate various biological phenomena such as the influence of antibiotics on the membranes of the vesicles.


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