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Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments


Why does the mirror fog up when I take a shower? Why do I see my reflection upside-down in a spoon? And why does bread dough not rise without yeast? For children, everyday life is full of questions. Inspired by this, an international teacher team from seven countries developed specific ideas and practical advice on how to promote the basic scientific knowledge of primary school children while simultaneously training their skills in reading, writing and speaking.
Together with the fantasy creature Lilu and the girl Alina the children go on a scientific discovery tour in bathroom, living room and kitchen where they come across ‘inexplicable’ observations. For every phenomenon that occurs to them, they need to solve tasks with fun and entertaining experiments and to reflect on these verbally. The experimental units are complemented by methodological recommendations. The diverse difficulty levels of texts and tasks consider mixed-ability classes in learning and skills and help to create inclusive lessons.

The brochure is available in English, Dutch and German free of charge. You can download the material below as PDF or order the printed version via

Please find all additional material of the brochure like worksheets or word cards ready for download here.

The project was supported by the Joachim Herz Stiftung.

Special thanks to the authors of this brochure:

  • Jitka Houfková, Czech Republic
  • Majken Grünfeld, Denmark
  • Kirsi Rehunen, Finland
  • Heidrun Boll, Petra Breuer-Küppers, Jenny Schlüpmann and Mario Spies, Germany
  • Maeve Liston, Ireland
  • Monica Zanella, Italy
  • Anna Gunnarsson, Sweden

The units:

Discover natural scientific phenomena in the bathroom

Discover natural scientific phenomena in the kitchen

Discover natural scientic phenomena in the living room

Lilu’s House: Language Skills through Experiments
Lilus Haus: Sprachförderung mit Experimenten
Lilu’s Huis: Taalvaardigheid ontwikkelen met Wetenschap & Techniek
Lilu māja: Valodas attīstība izmantojot eksperimentus

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