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Coding in STEM Education


What does a robot have to do with environmental protection? How do you remote control a model ship using a smartphone? How can you program a ‘pet’? IT is everywhere and coding offers many possibilities for exciting and relevant lessons.

Organised by Science on Stage Germany and with support from SAP SE, an international teacher team developed concrete examples and practical advice about how to acquire coding skills using microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi not only in computer science lessons but also in biology, chemistry, technology, mathematics and physics.

The brochure is available free of charge as PDF download below or can be ordered as print version (

All additional material for the brochure can be found here.

You want to realise an own innovative coding project with your students? Join our European Code League!

List of teaching units:

Coding H2O
How water works
Vacation Plant Life Saver - How to program a water can
Magic Glove - Sensors on every finger
Science Friction - Who codes the shortest stopping distance?
Rolling Sounds - Uniform circular motion in computer science
Physics Engine - Coding and Physics
Science Magic Box - From sensor to actuator
CoALA - Code a Little Animal
Liquid Data
The Remote Captain

Coding in STEM Education
Coding im MINT-Unterricht
Coder dans l’enseignement des sciences
Coding in STEM Education - IT
European Code League Flyer DE
European Code League Flyer EN

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