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Data Match – Data Capture and Analysis like a Professional (iStage 3)


There is no football without analysing the match. The capture and analysis of big data using cameras and sensors gains increasing importance in various areas of the sport, such as the improvement of player performance, the planning of training, the prevention of injuries and the development of tactic boards. But how does this real time measuring work?

In this unit students design and program an app, with which real time data can be collected and then shared and processed further in the cloud. During this work they learn how the entered data can be linked and used with a screen-mapping website. This unit is realised using freeware programs such as App Inventor, and

The teaching unit is taken from the brochure ‘iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching’ from the topic ‘big data’ and is suitable for ICT classes. The complete brochure can be ordered free of charge via mail ( or downloaded. It was developed by 20 teachers from 15 countries around Europe. The project was proudly supported by SAP.

Authors: Pere Compte (ES), Stephen Kimbrough (DE), Maeve Liston (IE), Marco Nicolini (IT)

All additional material for the brochure can be found here.

iStage 3 - Data Match
iStage 3 - Big Data im Spiel
iStage 3 - Adatmeccs
iStage 3 - Juego de datos
iStage 3 - Big Data dans un match
iStage 3 - Dopasowanie danych
iStage 3 - Souboj dat
iStage 3 - Datamatch

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